I type a lot here about what we do and what I think we are supposed to be doing. Our mission. Maybe too much in a specific sense and I would like to broaden things out a bit for a second. I think this is broad enough for all humans.

We are here in a society that has bred us all to think we just need to have a career or a business and survive.

But what if we look at this in a different way?

What if we looked at what we like to do and how we want to help as a mission?

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Yes, it’s true that we should look out for our own well being -I 100% agree with that-but after we are supposed to be doing something grand with our lives. Something profound that only we can do. Or at least only we can do our own certain way.

That’s our mission.

And to do that we need to get a few things perfectly clear:

  • Life doesn’t happen TO you, life happens FOR you. If we keep this fact always in mind and heart, your whole outlook towards what happens to you every waking moment will be altered.
  • You are smarter than you think.  We all have some purpose (or mission) for being here and you have to be the one to figure it out. Just like you have to figure out that your happiness is within. To figure out your purpose or mission, you need to find out what your strengths are and to do that you need to realize you have strengths. 
  • Instant gratification won’t work. Although it seems that our world has turned that way, has it really? As they say ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and neither was our Universe or our life. We still need to build what we truly want from sometimes scratch. You have to be creative and imagine and then build.

So if you work in a job that you hate just to pay your bills and maybe enjoy going out with people once or twice a year, you need to change your life drastically. And the longer you have been in that rut, the longer it will take you to climb out of it.

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Do you have an interest you would like to pursue?  Do you have dreams of making more money to enjoy life better? That’s not bad. That is actually what we are supposed to be doing. To be being. Money is good and should be enjoyed, not shunned. Take your talents and smarts and use them to your advantage and thrive.

That’s your mission.

Remember I said that this post will be very broad?  I can’t say what you are here for. I can only nudge you in the direction of finding out what that mission is.

Are you afraid of realizing your potential or, even worse, not wanting to admit your potential? Who is that helping?

I urge you today to start reading books, taking courses, whatever it takes to get you to move forward in life. To find that mission and pursue it.

I can’t get much broader than that.

You can do it because you were meant to.

Along with not being able to tell you what you need to do, I also can’t tell you how to find your purpose or mission, I can only suggest methods to do so.  But I can tell you these two things:

  1. Thoughts beget actions beget results
  2. To accomplish your mission, you have to  believe you can and feel you already have.

So I hope this was a help to anyone out there who feels lost.

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I will also add that if you are reading this, you know enjoying a better  life is a possibility. Congratulations on your first step to greatness that the Universe already knows you are capable of.

You are the only one holding you back.

Please leave comments and share this post if you feel it will help a fellow human as this is exactly what the post was intended for.