This post will be about your higher self which goes along with the last two posts before this where I have touched on two things when it comes to our brains/minds, lives and our Universe:

To recap a bit, the mechanical was our physical brain and how to make it operate more efficiently knowing that whole brain synchronization is what makes your brain operate most efficiently.

And the intangible is the three intangible systems of our mind-the id, ego and superego-and what they actually do apart and then together to from your life and how you behave.

The third, and highest, part of you is the spiritual.

spirit optimize your lifeKnow that although you have a physical body, you have a part of you-your spirit- that is You. But you have to realize that only by knowing that your spirit is the true You can you then ‘dig out’ of your intangibles and rise above them. This your key to awareness.

You started off as a free spirit(that true You) when you were born but of course you also could not do anything by yourself for at least the first year or two of your life.  Then slowly you started to do things by yourself getting to bigger and bigger accomplishments.

As you started to learn to do things on your own, you had to take direction from others around who already have done them. Not necessarily the best way, but you got them done.

You learned how every other human did things, not how your true You would do them. That is how your easy years went, clouded by all around you instead of being You.

You also learned a plethora of other things that shaped you and your behaviors.

You-the true You- were drowned by your Ego. Your Ego is what absorbed all those ways.  Your Ego took control because you weren’t  being ‘Yourself’.

abstract OYLI am reminded of something that I read from Guy Finley that shook my world a bit. It was here.

The line from that post was “There is nothing permanent within you that exists independent of changing circumstances.”

It went on to say “And because that is the case, it is literally impossible for you to find any kind of lasting security or enjoyment in life.”

You can read the rest of the post to get the full gist if you are not getting it, but essentially what Guy was talking about was your spirit-YOU.

Are You in control of your life? Or is your Ego?

If you are not connected with that You, then these are some things that this You wants you to know. As soon as this You is not drowned out by your material-loving Ego, you will know this throughout your being.

No Matter where you are in life…

…you are supposed to be there. You may have thought that you have taken a wrong turn, but the truth is that whatever you are experiencing you are supposed to experience it. It is to teach you something. To make you stronger and smarter and possibly set you up for something even bigger.  You are not supposed to put yourself down or be ashamed of what you are enduring but look up and grow from it to become a better human.

We have everything…

…inside of us that we need. All the courage, all the compassion, all the strengths.  If you take the time to learn about yourself, you find your true passions and values. With that information, you can grow into your want and supposed to be.  Be at peace with yourself and life will get much easier for you. Journaling can help you learn of your true self.

identity OYLYour self worth…

…is up to you only.  Your Ego wants you to get validation from others in order to achieve status, money, and/or fame. But your higher self knows that these things are not what are important. Love, kindness, compassion, generosity are what you need to be concerned with to validate yourself.  Only you can judge your genuine worth.

Love, not fear…

…is what you should be guided by.  Your Ego is guided by fear. And there is a better way. Follow your higher self by being guided by love. This will lead your path to true peace and happiness.

Control won’t do it…

—but acceptance will. Security is what our Ego thinks we need and so it seeks control of all around us to get that security but that is just not realistic in that we cannot control everything. We must accept. Not judge. To judge is not what to do but live our lives in the best we can do.

All we can change…

…is the present. To be in the present is not being controlled by our Ego which is concerned about our past and future. If you think about it, we cannot make changes in either one of those places.  All that we can change is the present moment so that is where we need to work from.

Fixing is not needed…

…as what you need to do is accept ourself and move on from there. To have unlimited love and compassion for ourselves means we can let ill-natured behaviors fall away to show our true potential and thrive to that incredible realm in our lives.

peace fixing OYLDid you get it?

We have our mechanical being, our intangible being and our spiritual being. To learn what these all are and what they mean to you is your path to awakening and possibly salvation. These pointers are hopefully a good start at getting you there.

That is where we all need to be.

That is where we all deserve to be.

Please share this message with others to spread the word about our potential and how to get enlightenment. I would love your comments as well.

We all have our own journey to go through. We can help each other to get there.

With me?