I was introduced to Donna Eden through Mindvalley this week. She is an energy healer its over 40 years experience in helping people.

Although I have never heard of her before, she has quite the resume.

She has her own youtube channel chock full of energy routines for relieving pain and feeling younger. Here is one of her shorter ones.

There were many sites describing her and her work as well as housing the materials she writes and works with to help people.

Here is a link to Donna Eden googled.

I got an email with a link of her quiz to find out your energy type (or element) with a very informative video afterwards about your type.  I gave it a go. I am Metal. And from the description given about the metal element/energy type, I agreed with the answer.

Here is a link to the quiz: Energy Element Quiz

If you were wondering, nowhere did I have to put in an email address to get the result. But then I did get the original quiz email from Mindvalley that I get emails from anyways. You can always unsubscribe later.

The Elements

elementsSo there are five elements you could be: Earth, Water, Fire, Metal, or Wood.

So as I said, I came up being metal and the explanation given of metal was pretty much spot-on as to my habits and mindset.

Then Donna gave a little exercise to release grief from my heart chakra because apparently Metals hold in a lot of grief…

Who knew?

The thing is that after the exercise, I felt like weight had been let off my shoulders within an hour or two. I felt magnificent!!

So I just had to share this with all of you in hopes that you can see your energy element type and maybe get some insight and maybe even relief in your life.

Chinese Philosophiescchinese dragon philosophy

So I went looking for an explanation of each of the 5 elements somewhere on the web referring to her. I did not find any. But I did find them in the Chinese philosophies.

Enter Gaia.com. I consider Gaia to be a very reputable site and I believe in the site. I figured it would be the best place to get the explanations of the five elements.

Without just rewriting all the information on that, I will leave you a link here and after you take the test I gave you the link to above and watch the video, you can go here and learn more about your element type.

Pretty cool stuff. Plus since I had such an experience from just watching a 5 minute video of her after the quiz, I can sense myself pulled a bit in her direction.

There are no such thing as coincidences. If there are, I have been having a lot of them here in the past few weeks. Having Ms. Eden put in my path means something.

Small Discrepancydiscrepancy

I will tell you this: After getting the information from Ms. Eden and then reading through the Gaia site, there was a small(maybe big, I don’t know) discrepancy in my reading.

The Gaia site said that in Chinese philosophy your element is decided exclusively on your birth year. I was born in 1967 which SHOULD have made me a fire element. But the fire element qualities and strengths are not me.

Not quite sure what to think there. But I will be doing more reading on this subject in the future so we shall see what turns up. With the resonance I had with Ms. Eden’s answers and results I received, I will stay with hers for the moment.

I am sure there is an explanation.

What’s Nextnext step

SO if you had already read the post before doing the quiz, I thank you and hope your next step is to take the quiz.  The link is below so you don’t have to scroll back up.

Here is a link to the quiz: Energy Element Quiz

If you couldn’t wait and immediately went and took the quiz as soon as I gave it to you, you are not only a smarter human because you know more about yourself, but hopefully she exuded some type of knowledge in your direction as far as an exercise as she did with me with  ‘the metals’.

Like I said within an hour I felt like a different person. No lie.

If I hadn’t been so busy dealing with the Irma threat I would have posted this sooner.

At any rate, I hope you have gleaned some knowledge, insight and even some relief from this post as that was my intention. Sharing to care.

I care a lot.

I would love to hear any significant results you had and if you are a fire element, please send me a link to the Fire video as I would love to hear what she says about you and possibly me considering my chinese philosophy information.

Thank you in advance.