If you have been around my blog long enough, you have heard of Dr. Mark Waldman. He is one of the most well known neuroscience researchers which makes him very good at self development. Of which he has done a great deal of. He can tell you about how to help your values.

He created Neurowisdom 101 which was one of my favorite courses to take because of the way it was designed and how it helped me. You can read more about it and order it from here.

I might have mentioned the importance of writing your thoughts down before. It helps you let go of things that you really just need to get rid of.

Journaling is basically what I am speaking of. Journaling helps me to empty my mind of irrelevant or unneeded thought patterns. It helps with your awareness, too.

But what I read from Dr. Waldman today was something a bit more valuable. Writing down your values.

Do you know what your values are? Have you ever really thought about them before?

Let’s define values first. Just so we are all on the same page on what they truly are.

Values are a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life

So with that being said, let’s try something: first of all, give yourself thirty seconds to write down your values. Not sure of what to put? Click the green words below and see a list of values and see which ones you identify with the most.


I looked the list over first and could see myself in a lot of them. Some not so much. But we are not talking about me here, we are talking about you…

When you transfer one of those values from the list from your eyes to your hand and onto the paper, how do you feel? Notice that.


Them or You

So now, let’s take another pertinent step: write down a list of what other people expect from you and you adhere to…is it the same list?

Dr Waldman says that those would be your inner and outer values. If they don’t match, you would be creating neural or cognitive dissonance. In other words, you are out of synch of what you want and what others want from you.

That would create a lot of undue stress at home and at work, don’t you think?

Another form of cognitive dissonance is when your conscience goals and desires are not in alignment with your subconscious habits and beliefs. This would be the reason you are stuck at your current level personal and business results in your life.

Those subconscious habits and beliefs are also called paradigms by some.  For instance Bob Proctor of Proctor Gallagher Institute. He has devised an awesome program to help shift those paradigms to more of what you want in your life. Go here to sign up for that.

face paradigms

Back to the Doc…

Another revelation I read from his enlightening teachings is this: We should base all our decisions on values not beliefs.

To take this a step further, you should know that you make decisions from one of three ways:

  • our beliefs
  • our values
  • our intuition

If you use your beliefs, your decisions will be made from your history of past responses. This is great if we are using experience, but not all decisions can be made from new challenges we face.

If we base our decisions and responses from our values, the decisions and responses will be made more with our future in mind and what  we want to experience in life.

Pretty neat, huh? Never thought about it like that, but knowing this, I am sure you will be a little bit more aware of how you decide things.

The third point, intuition, is more about instinctive feeling than the other two. I am thinking that you should always start with intuition, or gut feeling, before you move on to one of the other two (values or beliefs) in contemplating anything.

man beliefAnother good idea

While bringing up values and beliefs, you should also consider trying to write down your beliefs and see how they differ from your values.

I will admit, I have a tough time nailing down my beliefs. Beliefs are a lot about generalizations you have made in life about all around you and/or what you have absorbed from others.

Beliefs or paradigms, they can really get you stuck in life. John Assaraf, another spiritual entrepreneur, calls it the glass ceiling.

Ever had that goal you are trying to reach and just cannot put your finger on how to get it? You know something is holding you back but you can’t figure out what that thing is? That would be a paradigm.

I am all about hacking and my way of dealing with these beliefs is using Holosync religiously.  To explain simply, it is designed to help your brain raise its levels of functioning. You can read more about it at the link provided in this paragraph.

face 2 paradigms beliefs

Back to the Doc again…

I should note that Dr. Waldman has got some free and very educational e-books on his site.  They are called Mind blowing Discoveries and Neurotics for Success. He also co-wrote the best selling book How God Changes Your Brain. You can get that here.

His latest has just came out on paperback which is called How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain which you can be sure is on my To Read list. You can get that here.

The thing I like about Dr Waldman is that he is an educated neuroscientist. He has experimented and applied  his expertise with many people his background in science and knowing how the mind works. There are many much happier and more successful humans on this planet because of him. I am one of them.

To Sum Up…

I have talked to you about values and how important they are in your life, whether you realized it or not. Plus what to do about it.

I have talked to you about beliefs or paradigms and what you can do about them.

I have given you access to some great personal growth reads that are free to you!!

Here are a bunch more that I have shared with you in the past.

If you haven’t figured out, I like helping people by learning how to help myself and then extend the knowledge to others.

One last thing that is food for thought: Did you know that the heart always takes the best most oxygenated blood for itself first before any other organ?

That’s because it needs that rich blood to function correctly to be able to help all the other organs.

heart healthy

In other words, take care of yourself first so when you do help others, you are at your best to help them.

That’s not selfish, that’s just smart.

Think about that.

I hope you were able to glean lots of education from this.  Let me know how you feel about what you read or any light bulbs that went off. Would love to her about it. It puts a smile on my face.

Also, please share.  Thank you in advance.