My last post was on how naps (and sleep in general) are good for you.  Once you are through waking up or in the process of, there are a few things you can do to make your day and your continuing life as awesome as they can be.

Changing the habits of what you do when you first rise is essential to getting a good start to your day and forward. Your habits determine what your mind shapes as your reality as well as how your body operates, so habits are of the utmost importance.  Almost as important as waking up is!!

These habits are in no specific order, but I would say being done with them after waking up and before you start your ‘work schedule’ is beneficial for optimum results.


Having gratitude and appreciation for what you have around you is paramount to an awesome day. When waking up, get yourself into a state of gratitude by thinking about being grateful for the warm pillow your head was on when waking and the roof over your head.

Getting your brain to search for things to be grateful for on an ongoing basis will form that new habit. You can be grateful for that, too.

It is also a good idea to think about things to be grateful for right before you go to sleep.


Asea is a marvel in human engineering that replenishes, repairs or replaces the cells in your body that need it.  These redox signaling cells in Asea are beneficial to your existence but diminish in your body as you age due to normal aging and environmental factors. The good news is that humans have found a way to make more of these live giving cells outside of your body and are available to us all!!

Two 2 oz. drinks a day are all that is needed to get and/or keep you optimized.  More if you are ailing from something.

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Your daily taskstasks

I am one who likes to not only have daily tasks written down, but being able to mark them off!! Having a sense of accomplishment in even the smallest amounts is good for the brain, therefore good for you!! Take a moment to write down the tasks (or review them if you wrote them out the night before) and see where you can start.

It is a good idea not to have a long list so as to not overwhelm yourself. Keep the list down to a few items to start. You can always add more!!

Cool musicmusic

Listening to uplifting music is always a great mood lifter. If you are able, listen to it when you first get up. If not, listen on your commute in the car or on a iPod. Don’t depress yourself in the morning by listening to the news as that could end up being detrimental to your day.

Goal affirmationaffirmation

I will admit that I do not do this but will start. To crystallize your life goals, affirm them by writing them down or be creative by drawing pictures related to your goal. You can do that all through the day if you can. The more you focus on your goals, the closer and quicker they become real!!! You are a creator!! Go out and create!!


The definition of meditation is to engage in mental exercise that heightens your spiritual awareness through focusing on one’s breathing or mantra repetition. I have been personally meditating for over 3 years and wish I had started much earlier in my life.  There are many tools out there that can make meditation easier and more enjoyable as well. I personally use Holosync and love every second of it AND its results.

Wrap Up

That is just a few things that can make your day more enjoyable and make your life in the long run more productive and happy.

That’s what we all want, right?

Drop me a comment if you have any questions.