How to thrive while driving

So in my current work, I may do some driving from time to time. Today, for instance, I drove 10 hours straight. I have pitstopped for the night and tomorrow I have about another hour to go, depending on traffic into the Big Apple. In this drive I thrive.

On my trips, I do a lot […]

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New self growth e books and more tools for self improvement

I don’t know about you, but the last series I did really taught me a lot. I had to take the day off to do some digesting. But my self growth and self improvement has gone through the roof!!

But then from nowhere I get an email from friend Dr Mark Waldman’s team about […]

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Self Growth development books I have read:Super Brain

Ever since my journey started seriously into self growth which included meditation, nixing the fluoride from my diet and disconnecting satellite TV at my house, I started reading voraciously  different books on self help and self growth. You can see many of them that I read on this page.

One should not underestimate the power of […]

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Self help and new thought from Hay House

I have become an affiliate of Hay House. I have done so for good reason. I have followed them for almost a year and what they bring to me is knowledge. Knowledge about me for me from a multitude of people.

They have been established and around for over 30 years and I believe that their […]

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Psycho Cybernetics:Book 1

In this journey I am about to take you on, I will start with the book that started my journey into a wealth of brain optimization: Psycho Cybernetics.

This book can show you in a simple way how to:

how to get  rid of anxiety
how to get rid of depression
get rid of social anxiety

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