As I have been exploring different topics in self growth, self destruction is not one I have ever touched on. But certainly a prevalent one.

Self destruction can be defined as any behavior that may be or actually is harmful to the human engaging in said behavior. Listed below are many examples of this disease.

Is self destruction a disease? I say why not? Or I should say it might as well be. You are doing things detrimental to your health or well being. This act certainly comes from the brain, so it can be considered a mental disease.

With that being said, can it be considered a disease if so many humans practice some type of self destructive behavior? Do you have some self destructive tendencies?

low self esteem

Here is a piece of most comprehensive list I could find from Check it out:

  • OVEREATING- obviously a bad habit that has many long term health issues
  • UNDEREATING- this is usually a cry for help for serious self image issues
  • FORCED INCOMPETENCE-this is eluding or demonstrating oneself as not capable or unintelligent towards a task. This usually shows a lack of confidence in oneself.
  • FAILING TO TAKE ACTION- Failing to take steps or any action to remedy an issue that is bad for you means you are setting yourself up for failure.
  • SELF DEFEATING MINDSET HARBORING-saying to yourself that “I will fail” or “I am not good enough” are two prime examples. They are too many other examples to list. But those are good ones to start with. You cannot talk to yourself like that and thrive.
  • MAKING AN EFFORT TO HURT OTHERS- This will not end well for you at all. You could say that what goes around comes around. Because it does. Maybe not in the same way, but you will suffer.
  • SELF-HARM- physically hurting yourself is just ludicrous, but people do it. Drug and alcohol abuse are included in this.
  • SELF-PITY- Wallowing in your problems and failings is not a good place to be.

So ask yourself: Can you truly say that you do not engage in any of these behaviors? There are certainly others I may have not touched on that limits your true freedom and piece of mind, but why I am here is to create awareness.


Now it’s your turn. But I am here to help. Hit me back in the comments with any questions.