Wayne Dyer, rest his soul, was a very powerful influence on a lot of people. Movies, books, seminars and the like made him a very loved man.

He was one of the foremost authorities on self worth and growth in my eyes.

I say this in the past tense, but his words and thoughts are still very alive today.

Here are some thoughts I have been reflecting on lately.

Intentions are key

Our natural state is supposed to be one of joy. Although we may have come to believe anxiety and depression is the way humans are supposed to feel, that is not the case. We are brought into this world with joy and love, and that is the way we should be experiencing life.

If you are aware enough(and I strongly recommend it), then you should recognize the feelings, and most importantly thoughts,  that make you feel un-joyful and circumvent them.

These thoughts are ones that lead to anger, sadness and depression and anger, to name a few.

It should be your intention to get to a place of happiness, peace and harmony.

Affirmations such as  “I come from peace and joy” or “I am a peaceful loving soul” helps.

If you are mad or bear harsh feelings for others, I use Mark Waldman’s advice and say “May you be happy, may you be well, may you be filled with peace and joy.”

That small group of words has helped me to let go of anger and frustration for people in my life in a major way.

I actually say that to myself, speaking to myself, and it makes me feel good.  My higher spirit is essentially saying that to my subconscious, helping it to release bad feelings about anything.  Try it!!

Your thoughts cause your stressThoughts cause stress

You may not think so, but what you think is what causes your issues you experience in your mind, not the actual events that cause the thoughts.

Reframing is a very important skill that you can learn that helps you move positively through your existence. Whatever happens to you can be looked at it in a negative way or as a lesson which you learn from.  Try thinking of how whatever will benefit you. Or believe that whatever event will improve you in some way. Because it will!!

And the challenge that lays before you cannot be thought of as a problem, but as just that: a challenge. You have to try your best to solve and deter from thoughts like   “I can’t” or “This is too hard.” That conditions your mind to find more of the same ‘bad stuff’.

And the reverse is true. Train your mind to find whatever as something that will always help you grow even if you fail.

How aware are you?awareness

Can you stop right now and ask yourself how do you feel right now? At this very second? And if it is not in the place of joy, can you distract yourself and change it to joy?

To find a way to alleviate worry and stress in your life, you will find yourself in a place of peace and tranquility that is aligning yourself with God.

Why do I say that? Let me ask you this: Do you think your God is stressing or worrying about anything? Of course not, He doesn’t have to. He is the creator who created everything. Not only does he want you in the same ‘plane’ as he is in, he is not going to help you as much if you aren’t. No matter what your troubles are. That also puts you in the position being a creator in your own life.

Does that make sense?

Plus you will not have as many troubles if you are in the same ‘plane’ of peace and tranquility as he is. That’s karma.

So it pays to be aware of where you are emotionally at any given point and situation of your day, don’t you think?

You may think that this is going to be tough, but it will get easier the longer you practice this happiness-giving skill.

Watch the babieswatchthebaby

Aaah, life was so simple back then. All you had was love and curiosity. Take a moment when you can to watch a baby. Make it your intention to emulate their joy. It is a stress free and worry free environment.  True, they do not have the life skills to deal with any stress since they don’t have any, but when they do, shouldn’t it be from a position of awareness and the skills of reframing I mentioned earlier?

As Dr. Dyer says, you don’t need to have a reason to be happy, your desire to be is sufficient.

Be in your intention and appreciateappreciate

You will not to get to a higher vibration and better place in life if you are not in the same place as your creator. He will lift the stress and worry from you if you are willing and actually let these states of being go.  You must be in gratitude and in awe of all you already have, tangible and intangible. That must be your intention.

In gratitude but not attached to. To be attached to what you have along with being thankful for them means that if you lose said things, you will mourn and be sad. Once said thing is gone, you just appreciate that you could enjoy them to begin with.

As I have heard it said, you can be happy but not satisfied. You can search for and receive bigger and better, but only if you are in gratitude for where you are already.

Some hints on meditationmeditation

A very positive place to be is in one of silence and meditation. To be able to clear your mind and experience your inner source and your God himself along with your intentions, is a very fine place to be able to attain.

To be able to clear your mind and see the space between your thoughts-the void between your thoughts-helps your path to your intention.

Not just seeing, but watching that space is where all the good things will come from.

After all, that place between your thoughts where ‘no thing’ is is where the creation of all that is came from.

Dr Dyer uses the ancient zen observation of music in which it was said “It is the silence between the notes that makes the music.”. If there was no gap between the notes, all the notes would just blend together to make one long noise.

St. Paul said “…that which is seen, hath not come from that which doth appear.”  We must clear and listen in the silence, the gap, the void between our thoughts to find our spiritual awareness and creativity that we cannot find in one’s run on thoughts.

Thoughts can be considered things as they do not exist altogether but separately which means there is a space between them which is where you want to be.

Your thoughtsthoughts

Dr Dyer calls the space ecstatic peace and serenity which cannot be described. To describe your thoughts when you do see them in between the void is to label. If you are to do any more than observe your thoughts means you are not in the void any more.

My thoughtsMy thoughts are OK

Dr Dyer is definitely a man to be studied because of the knowledge he possessed and contemplated. Much can be learned, experienced and  changed in your life because of this knowledge. We all can benefit from it.  As I already have.