What is a miracle to you?  One definition of miracle is an exceptional product or achievement, or an outstanding example of something.  

Miracles happen every day in my opinion. We are all miracles. The fact that out of millions of sperm the one that came to fertilize the egg and made you makes you a miracle.  If you think about it, that is a pretty outstanding achievement, considering the odds.  That is the miracle of life, people. The fact that we breathe in oxygen that sustains our life is a miracle.

Let us not stop there.

With that definition or miracle, all things around us that are miracles, too.  Some just a bit more extraordinary than others.  The fact that we drive in cars and fly in planes is because Henry Ford and the Wright Brothers came up with an idea and created it. And at the time the automobile and the plane were created they were exceptional and outstanding in their own time. Therefore a miracle.

We can see these miracles every day.

We see them so much now that we are complacent to them.  But nevertheless, they are miracles.

If we can see some miracles-if we can allow them– then there must be more out there we haven’t allowed yet.

But why can’t we allow these other miracles? As we are a miracle ourselves, we should be able to allow into our reality all other miracles.

Now, these humans that created these miracles are humans just like you and me. We create miracles, too.

But we can create only miracles that we know about, or dream about, or have epiphanies of. We can also only create miracles of things that we allow.

Do you feel stuck? Not having the happiness or love or money in your life that you want? That you know deep down you truly deserve? Why not?

Are you allowing them?

I have talked about on this site repeatedly-almost incessantly-about limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are why we don’t allow our lives to be as grandiose and magnificent as we should be making them. Limiting beliefs are why we don’t allow more miracles to be created in our realities.

It will take some soul searching to figure out what your limiting beliefs are, but to find them is to be aware of them and change your life to get them out of your being.

Ask yourself what you have issues with and narrow down your thoughts to the troubling ones. 

Plus work on optimizing your life through positivity and affirmations to help create your miracles.

Is health an issue in your life and is part of what hinders you? There are solutions for that, as well.

We are all creators. The only reason we don’t create to our fullest extent is the aberrations we ‘absorbed’ or adopted as young humans.  That’s it.

So start working on creating some miracles.  Dream and do. If you run into a reason why you can’t, figure out why you can’t. If you can’t figure what to create ask yourself what your love of life is.  Then start to do again. Until you finish your creation. Focus, faith and perseverance. That is what the Universe will reward you for.

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