I was watching a movie over at a relatives house last weekend called ‘O Brother Where Art Thou?‘ and at one point in the movie, the question was asked of one of the main characters “Are you bona fide?”

The movie itself is from 2000 and is about three convicts who are looking for a lost treasure while being chased by a relentless lawman. I haven’t seen the whole movie yet, but plan to soon. It was quite entertaining. I am not sure of the context of the question of being bona fide was in the movie at this point and how the question was relevant. ¬†But it made me do some thinking…

To start, bona fide means genuine, real or authentic in its first definition.

Am I bona fide? Am I true? Am I true to myself and others around me? Or am I here to just humor the fellow humans around me.

To be honest, when I was growing up, my mother would say when I didn’t want to do something or saw reason not to “Just humor me!”

I saw no reasonable retort to that, so I didn’t retort. I did whatever was asked of me.

But could the ‘humoring factor’ in my childhood be the stem or even roots of a paradigm of my way of life today?

I have to some degree shunned that stigma here recently, but I believe there is work to be done still.

It is certainly easier to NOT be bona fide to keep the peace in some instances. Keep my opinions to myself and such.

But does that always serve me?

Not following one’s gut and going with the flow can get very comfortable, but I don’t think that is what we should be doing.

Case in point, my 3 year old granddaughter. She will many times do whatever she wants no matter who’s feelings get hurt. Not just her, but many children of that age will do that. Of course, in many instances since they do not know what is best for them, we have to lay down the law, as it were and guide said toddlers another direction.

But the point is that they are being true to themselves…

That gets lost along the way of our lives because we are  formed by others in a different mode of thinking looking out for all others or maybe just the thinking of the formee.hypnotized crowd

So maybe, 10 or 20 years later, we are hypnotized and brainwashed to do something totally different of what we want to do or what we think is right.

We are not bona fide anymore…

And we don’t feel good about it. But what do we do?

Not being bona fide and not feeling good about it means two things:

  • you are not aligned with God and the Universe about your purpose in life
  • Your energy is at a low frequency because you are constantly NOT being true to yourself.

So back to what do we do about it.

Well, for starters, just reading this post can help wake you up to the possibility of being true to yourself.

Every time you are not bona fide is another instance of being further mired into a state of sociological compliance.

To be part of the sheeple.are you a sheeple?

The term ‘sheeple’ meaning being a human who mindlessly follows the status quo of what is expected of us in what we do, eat, think and dream.

How did we get here? Who cares. Let’s just stop it.

You gotta start with yourself.

Figure out what you want to do with your life and start creating. Be you and nothing else.

Stop settling. Stop rationalizing. Stop letting life happen to you and start happening to life.

So let me ask again. Are you bona fide?

are you bona fide