They are not so much facts as they are brutal truths. Sometimes tough love is the way to go about getting better than have everything sugar coated for you. So this post will be completely sans any sweeteners…

One thing I do want to bring up is the deifintion of the word well-being. The definition of well being is a good or satisfactory condition of existence; a state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity; welfare. Well, I must say that we should all be striving for more than just good or satisfactory. And what about humans who do have better than good or satisfactory life? Do they have an awesome being? Or a prosperous being? A euphoric being? That is what I have: a euphoric being. How do I know that? Because I have haters…

Anyways, on to the list of brutal truths I was talking about:

  • This Universe owes you absolutely zilch. You may be the most talented human out there but if you do not just positively exude those talents and qualities and put them to work for you? Well, then you must just enjoy what you have. Go out and get what you want. At the point that you go out and be the human and spirit you are supposed to be, the Unicverse will reward you with what you desire. The Universe is on your side. It will help you once you help yourself. Because you know what? All the things you desire are yours already.
  • Your thoughts are not what define you-it’s your actions. Don’t get me wrong-you can have good intentions but if you do not carry through with what you plan to do it is just a plan.  I can babble on, but I would think you would get the point. Deep down, you already know this. Stop planning and start doing.
  • You aren’t ever going to please everybody. You can be the sweetest tasting most beautiful looking peach on the planet and there are humans out there who hate peaches. At the end of the day, the only one you have to worry about is pleasing yourself. Even that is hard for some humans because they are too hard on themselves!! So start with yourself. The most important person to you that you know.
  • You, me and everyone have their own best interests at heart. I can tell you for an absolute fact that everyone does this. Even if you are talking about a mother and her son. Yes, the mother wants to watch out for that son’s well being, but that is because she wants to have a healthy smart son. It is just the way it works. And you have to realize that. Be responsible for yourself always. When you are responsible for yourself always, then your life will change. for the better. Don’t be a victim of your own life. Own your life and make it happen for you.
  • There is noone who can’t take the time to respond to you. If someone does not repond it is personal choice. Of course there are exceptions to this rule for the most part. Don’t wait for them and don’t make excuses for them. If you are not their priority, then find somewhere you are.
  • Acknowledging and focusing on your restrictions means you get to keep said restrictions.  There was a point in my life where I constantly said to myself and everyone “there are just not enough hours in the day”. Guess what? There weren’t going to be enough of those hours. One day I just had the epiphany to stop stop saying that. It truly made a difference. That is just a small example but it rang true enought to use it here. Be aware of what you say about your life and you and everything around you. Do you sulk and hem haw about life’s surprises and challenges(notice I said challenges not problems)? Or do you just accept and take care of what is front of you? Do you drag problems into your life by saying “Why does this ALWAYS happen to me?” or “Why can I NEVER do this or that?”


So hopefully I woke you all up to some intangibles in life you may not have thought of before. Maybe I didn’t. That’s fine too. Maybe only one or none of these was an issue in you life(notice I say ‘was’). This was about helping you create the best position of well being you could be in. To optimize yourself. If this post did or did not help you, maybe you know somebody it could help. Please help your fellow humans.