So in my last post, I asked you to think about your map.  How your map serves you and how you serve yourself. Well, no I told you to.  Call it tough love.  This blog and all its posts are all about self improvement and self growth in one way or another. If you want to learn about meditation and mindfulness and self help, you can read through these posts and reflect on them. At that point, hopefully you are aware enough to what your map is like and how it has shaped your life to know what to do about it.

Most people don’t even think about the map being a map anymore. It is just them.  The way they are. Then when the map cannot handle the drama or static or whatever you call it in your life, your map falls apart and reconstructs itself as we have talked about in past posts but in a bit of a different way. When I talked about your threshold, this map falling apart is the same thing.

When we resist whatever is ailing us, your map doesn’t change and neither do you.

Here comes the ego

Actually the ego has been here the whole time.  Western psychology calls your map the or your ego. The ego is the notion of who you are(always changing) and your relationship to the rest of the world.

So anyways back to the map. Updating your map is the secret to growing in life, but we fight it(resistance) because we think we are the old map.  And, back to the ego for a second, it likes things just the way they are as it is trying to protect you from harm, so it wants to stay the current map or ego.

You don’t want your ego or this map to stay the same. It is not in your best interests. You need to look froward to the chaos.

Now comes Responsibility

This may come to a shock to a lot of people, but this chaos you deal with…the one that shapes your map….is totally your responsibility.  Why is it your responsibility?   Because you need to have personal power. To have personal power, you need to be responsible ALL THE TIME for how you feel about a situation.

To accept that you are responsible for all your responses and therefore your actions can be very powerful.  To actually acknowledge it and conduct your life is even more powerful. But it’s probably not going to be easy to get there, depending on the life you lived. Most of your feelings and behaviors are conditioned responses due to your map/ego.

To have control of your conditioned responses and deviate from as you see fit means that you are not the victim in your life. You have power. So many times, it would be easier to be the victim. Especially if your map/ego is not very highly developed.

So how can you work on this? Again, meditation. Get those brainwaves at a higher fluctuation and amplitude than the normal beta.  Using the holosync  will help. Holosync will get those deeply seated emotions out to where you can deal with them.  I very strongly recommend getting in the habit of upgrading your map by taking responsibility for your life and getting a regular meditation practice going.  And as I have said, Holosync will help immensely.


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