passionAs I absorb what I can about being the best human that I can, I strive to help others do the same. That is actually part of me being the best human that I can. I realize that I have to continue practicing meaning I have found in my life and continue my life purpose to be happy. Part of that involves learning my passions in life.

Stated another way, to be happy in life you have to find your passions in life. When you realize what your passions are, then this should also lead to a meaning for you in life as well. With meaning, you will find purpose.

I was reading on a site called and that site put it nicely: Just get outside your personal bubble. Learn to realize that you need to get out of the center of your own universe. That bubble is where you get offended, where you get hurt, where you are stuck inside your emotions and get affected by your ego.  That bubble where you just stay comfortable with what you have and not strive to do more (or not strive hard enough) thinking that you can’t or that you don’t deserve more(you do!!). The list goes on and on and varies with everyone, but suffice to say being inside your bubble is not a good place to stay and will not get you anywhere in life.

635990338339623498-537090811_burning-passionThat is what you need in a red hot nutshell: Passions, meanings, purpose. One leads to the next in that order.

One small catch: you have to pretend that you have already done all that while you are doing it. And action is the key.

My actions, you ask? Well, I love to write-or type as it seems. I have this blog. I also have my other blog at, then there is the work telling everyone about Asea. That keeps me pretty busy.

So no pressure. You can do this. Just don’t think about it. Do it.