I have never really paid too much attention to Alan Watts until now.  He is a pretty awesome bloke.  This is after I was introduced to his game called Black and White.

Allow me to tell you about it…I think you will be interested.

First of all, let me tell you how I found out about it.

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What is in this post is from one of those newsletters…


The Game

Anyways, Alan Watts is a  British philosopher of sorts in that he interprets eastern philosophy for a western audience. His game of Black and white goes like this.

Everyone gets taught this game as a child. The object of said game is that white must win.

To begin playing, we must first divide everything-all things and events- into two categories. We do this by naming everything.

Which really is ridiculous because as we all know (or should know) everything is interconnected and dependent on each other.

These two categories are good and bad, okay and not okay, appropriate and inappropriate.

Get the message on the categories? The issue with this is that the way everyone makes or divides is different. It varies from person to person, family to family, culture to culture.

The way the dividing happens also leads to arguments and even all out war…


The fact that everyone divides into categories differently also proves the case that everything is arbitrary and not intrinsically anything. Not good. Not bad.

Meaning is assigned by someone’s beliefs. Maybe even someone’s beliefs you don’t even know. Those are how the categories are made.

Weird, huh?

Do You Resist?

Here is where the game gets real interesting…

We resist what we label as bad and undesirable and hope the good or desirable wins…

Black and white…

Now this of course is not all wrong. There are some things we need to pay attention to for our own health and well being. Staying out of dangerous situations, eating well and such.

I am also not saying that anything goes, either.

Just that basically not anything  is really good or bad. Those are just labels.

good and bad labels

Everything we do has consequences no matter what.

And just to be clear, the word consequence is not a ‘bad’ word. The definition of consequence is ‘a result or effect of an action or condition.’

No Way Out

This game. This black and white game has to be played.  There is no way out of it.

But how hard you play this game of black and white is up to you entirely.

The more you insist on labeling and then insist on white winning and black losing?

The more you suffer.

Whatever it is-black or white- is going to happen. If you resist, you will suffer. Resistance is, after all, suffering.

Here is the thing…

Like I typed earlier, We have labeled good and bad, black and white, desirable and undesirable.

But these terms? Good, bad, black, white…They are just ways of thinking about things. Ideas,at best.

When you don’t know this plain and overwhelmingly simple fact or forget it? You will suffer a lot.


Polar Opposites…

Here is something else that is interesting. It is also the main reason playing a very strict and serious version of this game creates so much suffering.

All these words I am using here: good, bad, right, wrong, desirable, undesirable. They have their polar opposites. As a matter of fact, each word cannot exist without the other because they are used to define each other.

Anything you think is bad is only in relation to something that is good. Same with up and down, right or left, here or there, love and hate.

So you cannot have the one without the other.

We are stuck with both sides.

You can never get rid of all bad entirely but you can minimize it by your level of awareness. Or should I say the more aware you are, the more control you have of the impact these things you label have on you.

So this is good right?


It doesn’t matter how rich you are, how powerful you are, you will always have something to be concerned about. What matters is how you react to those things.

And if you are aware enough, you can actually control how much suffering comes to you…instead of unconsciously creating more of the suffering.

So as you can see, it is about awareness. Being aware of how you label and then how you react to those things you labeled.

And that labels are just words and ideas.

Labels ain’t crap to me.

Pardon me…I guess I just labeled labels.

So I ask you: Can you identify your labels? How do you react to them? Are you conscious of them?

So what have you gotten out of this post? I know that I did my best relying the information without just copying and pasting and I hope that I did the information justice. If you gained some knowledge from it, then I suppose that I did.

Between the article I read and the fact that I use Holosync everyday to improve my life by improving my mind, I know that I am a much smarter human.

You can be too. I hope you want to be. I am glad to help if you need some.