There will be pressing times in our lives. There has to be once in a while. Makes you stronger. Maybe you don’t like where things are heading in your life, but you just don’t see how to get them headed in the ‘right’ direction.  Or you do see how you think things SHOULD be changed, but there is way too much pushback or static(as I call it) as you try to forge your way.

When and how do you realize that it is time to throw in the towel and go around instead of through?

Dr. Joe Vitale, motivational speaker  and author has this to say: “the fastest way to get where you want is to be happy with where you are.”

That can seem damn near impossible, can’t it?

Well, this mindset does work.  Although there will be some changes and a little soul searching involved it seems. But ultimately, you have to be happy. You have to be.

When there is less time spent wishing for different things and more time spent in acceptance of what you have got(less resistance) and being grateful for that said have got, then you have a better sense of peace and happiness right there.

Anyways, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Optimisticism-I thought I made the word up but then I found it in the urban dictionary…oh well.  Optimism is going to be your driving force.  You have to know you will reach your better and in a timely manner.
  • Flourishing mindset adoption– What does that mean to you? What are you trying to achieve or acquire? Fame? success? Meaningful relationship? Money? As they say, fake it till you make it. Practice being the person with whatever you want is already there.  That may seem difficult, you would think. How am I SUPPOSED to feel wealthy if I have never been before? Bring back memories of that first big check you received and multiply.
  •  Exhibit the attributes-This goes along with above, but with action. You can’t think wealthy and then go to the grocery store and buy all the cheapest stuff!! You can’t want fame and then stay holed up at your house like a recluse. Take action!!
  • Chin always up– Above and beyond optimisticism. Find the positive in whatever bad happens. You know, that silver lining?
  • Small steps-whatever you are after, the result is not one big object. Break the desire into pieces to conquer. That also gives you small victories to have which further engages you in happiness.
  • Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude-Looking at the big picture will make it easier for you to feel gratitude. Try this: Walk outside and just appreciate. Appreciate a nearby tree for giving you oxygen to breathe. Just practice appreciating. It may sound ‘hokey’, but making your brain apply appreciation to anything will make it easier to apply appreciation to something else…naturally.


It is important to understand that whatever it is you are after, you already have what you need to get it.  The traits desired, the lifestyle desired, whatever.  So where is it? Being a magnificent child of God and this Universe, everything is there. In your head. You just have to break through the limits you have set upon yourself,

I hope this was a wake up call for anyone who reads it. Even if you ‘knew’ this , sometimes you just need a little reminder. I am not intending to blow sunshine up anyone’s backside. This is real stuff and how the Universe works.

Besides, what have you got to lose?

I appreciate any comments and love to see my posts shared so I can know I am helping more fellow humans.  Can you help me out?

Thanks in advance.