So I get different emails from a host of different groups and people to help me get fodder for this site. I usually will sit on the emails or posts for a month or two then reread them and formulate my own,adding here, subtracting there. This one we will talk about your breathing.

The subject for this post I got 10 days ago and I want to redo now because I feel that it is just that important.

I got it from Katie and Gay Hendricks and their Hearts in Harmony emails. I wish I could just repost it in whole, but that is not how SEO works.

So Here Goes…

There is something you are doing RIGHT NOW that could be making you feel bad. You do it all day long and even when you are asleep.

The fact is that no matter what you do to feel good? It doesn’t matter if you are doing this wrong.

You can go to the gym all the time, you can meditate, eat right drink right, walk out in nature…all for nought.

What am I talking about? Your breathing…

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Now I will admit that I do believe breathing is important(LOL) but it is the way that we breathe that most of us need to improve.

If you don’t breathe correctly-deeply-then we are not in the slightly alkaline state we are supposed to be in. We are more acidic.

That happens when we are in a more short and shallow type of breathing.

Now I am sure that by now while reading this post you are probably thinking “How do I breathe?” Well that’s fine. That is why I am writing this: to make you aware of how you are breathing.

Just  to let you know, when you are not breathing the way you started off breathing as a baby? This is what can happen:

  • Body chemistry thrown off
  • feel sluggish
  • feel anxious
  • trouble concentrating
  • trouble sleeping soundly
  • won’t digest food properly

You just simply won’t feel good.

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How Did It Happen?

At this point, it doesn’t really matter why, does it? We are here to improve or fix it. But if you must know, it could have been anything.

You might have had a bad fall riding your bike as a kid and knocked the wind out of you. It could have been the anesthesia you were on while having surgery.

Living in an urban environment could even lead to abnormal breathing because of constant noise and commotion

Again, back to the fact that you are now aware is what is important here.

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How Do You Know?

Like I listed earlier, if you find yourself constantly tired, or find yourself yawning a lot or catching your breath. If you have trouble keeping focus or losing concentration. You could even have a sense of anxiety for no apparent reason. These are all clues that you may not be breathing well.

I will say this: If you are not breathing well? Or correctly? You are not fully alive.  You are cheating yourself of being fully present in your body in your life.

So How Do You Breathe Correctly?

I found this short video to show you just that. The video even explains more about what I have touched on in the writing of this post.

I have found by watching this video that I wasn’t even doing it right. I thought I was but I was mistaken. I should’ve just been watching my Huskies!!

So I hope you were slightly enlightened by this post. And thank you, Gay Hendricks for enlightening me.

You can comment or share if you would like. That would be awesome if you could. But most importantly I want you to breathe…