In my journey of positivity, it’s not just about seeing positive things, but using positive language and dialogue. So see yourself avoid these words.

I pick my words pretty carefully when  I speak to people. That talent would come from my decades in the hospitality industry in management talking to clients.

As a matter of fact, it can be a great talent in a lot of situations where you are trying to persuade other people in another direction of action or thought.  Sales would be a good example..

This post is about the application of removing words from your language as they have a negative effect on what you do and think.  Words of futility, really.

These words? No. Don’t. Not. Can’t.

sculpture man

It comes down to us humans just having too many rules in life. A lot of these rules make sense and still apply today, but a lot don’t.


The thing is, to say no is to accentuate the negative in the situation. If it can be helped and applied early enough in a situation, try flipping whatever it is that shouldn’t be done.

“No, you don’t do it that way”


“Let’s try this way instead”

Which way sounds more positive, inviting and even more intelligent?

I am thinking the second. For obvious reasons, I would hope. To use negative words(especially repetitively) is pretty frustrating for anyone to listen to.


Again, there are certain situations where this would apply, but to say  “Don’t” means you are focusing on just what you don’t want.  Instead of:

“Don’t write on the walls.”


“Let’s get that artwork onto a piece of paper, please?”

In this instance, you are actually redirecting where the artists are to go and not just telling where they can’t be. Much more effective.


Focusing on the negative still.  Can you turn it around to a positive?

“That is NOT the way we do things here.”


“Let me show you how we do things here.”

See the difference? The tone? Much more relaxed and happy sounding.


This is my last my least favorite word in the english language , I think.  Not only in the context I am writing here, but when people use the word in the context of not being able to do something…

“I can’t do this”


“Wow, this is challenging.”

To use the word can’t you are automatically setting yourself up for failure in your own head.  Negative words such as the ones listed above cause undue and unwarranted stress none of us need,

stress OYL

My Wrap Up

This is a shorter post than usual for this site but I didn’t want to labor the subject matter too much.  I think I was pretty concise in what I was trying to relay to you all.

Think of it this way: To actually exercise your mind into thinking less negative and more positive will help you bring more positive into your existence. And its exercise. For your mind.

Let me know if you have any thoughts you would like to relay as I would love to hear them. And please share to people who you think could use the reminder.