I gave up television about 2 years ago. I will get my news from other people or the net. That way it is my choice whether I want to listen to it or not.

And for good reason.

I do not want to be a conspiracy theorist here, but I don’t like what I was being ‘fed’ through the news channels. Or television shows in general.

I absolutely abhor reality television. I would tell my son to be watching shows like Jerry Springer and the like is feeling your intelligence quotient decrease by the second.

The exception is a lot of game shows.  That is a growing experience and you can learn from it.

There is some good television out there. Some channels are good hearty learning experiences. Discovery and National Geographic and such are examples of that.

But for just entertainment? That is what Netflix and the like are for.

Regular network television? Nah. I will skip that. Probably for the rest of my life.

Here is why:

Present over pastpresentoverpast

We are made to think that our present is actually worse than our past was. That is just not true.

We are making advances in all sorts of areas including medicine and healthcare, space travel and the like.  You could also say that we are financially better off than before.  More on that later.

Touching on medicine and healthcare again, did you know that there is actually a product that has been produced to replicate the exact molecules our body uses to stay or get healthy? The molecules I am speaking of are redox signaling molecules and they can change your life.

I know from reading that your body starts making them at birth and keeps on making them but because of age and environmental issues, we make less as we grow older. If our body stops making them, we die.

There are humans in this great country of ours who have learned how to create more.

Do you believe humans are intelligent and resourceful enough to do that? We are.  Watch the video below and see what you think. We really are amazing.

More about Bad Newsbad news

Since the mass media is constantly pummeling us with mostly or just the bad news going on, we are constantly on guard.

What does this do? It makes us scared. Instilling a state of fear in us.

Then what happens? We don’t plan for our futures enough. We are thinking more of terrorism and bombings than taking care of ourselves.   We don’t think of our lives as a blessing but a burden just trying to stay alive.

We get a mindset of ‘why bother doing anything worthy of our race? We are all just gonna destroy ourselves anyways…’

Unrealistic viewsunrealisticviews

We should be getting more stories about what could happen to us realistically. I am a pretty aware guy, and I know I should be more concerned with what could happen in our homes or driving to work every day than some not-so-sane dictator that can’t seem to play with the rest of the world nicely.

You know who I am talking about…

A trend in individualityindividuality

I see more humans dropping the nine to five job and going their own way. They are following their instincts and fulfilling their purpose. They are awake.  They are finding ways to help other humans and making a living doing it. More smaller companies who are geared to help fellow humans.


Whether they be ones who have created an awesome product to make lives easier and healthier(like Asea), opening restaurants or getting involved in a network marketing company so they can run their own lives and make their own hours.

This is what what is going to make this planet great again.


Sure there are some network marketing companies out there (or MLMs) that are not so great. There are a few of them that gave the rest of them a bad name.

But isn’t that with anything?

A few bad pit bulls dogs gave all of them the reputation of being killers. It happens, true. It is also very unfortunate. But there are human murderers out there…you certainly don’t think we are all bad because of the misguided humans we hear about on those mass media channels you all watch.

Stereotyping is just one other thing we should be avoiding (it is judging). We cannot judge one just by the path that they are trying to live. Or that makes them happy.

You can avoid them like you would the misguided humans that kill others, but you can’t judge them.

I am not here trying to promote anything but to show that there are opportunities out there to change your life for the better if you just put down the remote control and control your future.

We Are All Meant For More

Believe it or not, we are all meant to be our own humans. Not ruled and controlled by a few insanely rich and powerful who can control by the boob tube.

To be sitting in front of the television mesmerized and frightened by the tainted vision the mass media feeds you( notice I did not say us) is going to happen until you take control of what is going on.

The sooner you get out of their spell, the better.

In Conclusion

I think I said my piece here.

I have a three year old in my house who has not watched any of that miserable mind controlling baloney and probably never will. In my house anyways. She will live a stress free life as far as the mass media concerned.

That is where it starts. With the kids. Don’t let them start being that way.

There are many things you need to do start doing to be you:

These are just a few.  This website is chock full of good reading to help you be the human you are supposed to be.

I hope this was a wake up call for you.