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What you should really strive for

So if you have been going to this site for long, you understand my goals with this site.  To help fellow humans be the best human they can be through whatever advice I can give from what I have read and experienced in my life. To strive for what I talk about here is to win at life.

As the saying goes:

For life to get easier, you have to get better.

I have covered many different subjects on this site, but this one will be new topic for me to cover.

I personally thrive on learning and coming across new things. New names, new information, new people…whatever I can absorb through being as open minded as possible to help me get a broader perspective on my life.

Absolutely whatever you learn and experience that is unique and original (especially novel) will change your life.

And here is where I bring you something that may be new to you. The idea wasn’t really new to me, but a fresh reminder is always nice.

I have talked about happiness a lot. Happiness is obviously a good thing. And the study of happiness has come a long way.

Unfortunately, studies suggest that many who try to be happy get unhappier.

So what does one do about that?

Well I will say that going to the doctor is not going to help. Their idea of fixing is giving you a prescription for some anti depressant…

So you are just gonna live off pills for the rest of your life?

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No, you gotta find a better way than that. And I have got just the ticket for you.

Focus on meaning and purpose in your life.

Or if you don’t feel like you do have anything meaningful in your life, make something or find something.

People who have kids (and treasure them) or have a meaningful job or a cause they are committed to have meaning and purpose.

People who decide to go join the Peace Corps or join a group that feed the homeless or build houses for said people? They have meaning and purpose. It makes them feel good and happy about what they are doing with their lives.

That is what I am talking about.

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But why is it better?

Happiness is great, don’t get me wrong.  But it is still an emotion. It is felt in the present. Meaning on the other hand is much more persistent in nature and maybe more persevering.

It can radiate from your past, present and future.

If you know that you mean something to someone else or do things to help people directly, then that feeling will last.  That feeling is going to stick with you.

What this essentially also means is that you are a kinder person.

Nothing wrong with that right?

Happiness is you satisfying your own desires and needs.  But in working on meaning within yourself, you are helping others achieve theirs.

I am thinking that is a win-win, eh?

Back during the Holocaust, there was a man named Victor Frankl who was a psychiatrist and also a holocaust survivor. He helped other camp inmates by reminding them to think of the meaning in their lives. This helped many to muster the resolve they needed to survive the horrific ordeal.

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Frankl once said,

He who knows the ‘why’ for their existence, will be able to bear almost any ‘how’.

 We are humans…

There are a lot of things that sets us apart from animals besides just opposing thumbs. One of the most important is that we have the ability to pursue meaning.

We are in this Universe as we are to be all that we can be. To do that, we can’t just be happy, but useful.  Which means we have to find our meaning in life. What do you bring to the proverbial table for fellow humans?

We can’t all be Ghandis or Martin Luther Kings or John F Kennedys. But we do have to do our part. To do our part, we have to be the best human we can be.

optimize your life

That is why I continue to share on this site. Post by post.

I do my part by writing (which I love to do) about matters of the human improvement (which I also love to do) on the

levels, among other things. I like to talk about the Universe and how it works, too.

I have read and done numerous book reviews for the cause and I also offer many tools I have used (or use) myself as well.

I even offer education about new findings for optimal health like redox signaling molecules.

So there is my meaning…what about yours?

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts and meaning. Share, this too as this article could go a long way in helping all of us.thrive optimize your life

16 thoughts on “What you should really strive for”

  1. I like your post & agree that medication alone can not make you happy. However, as someone who lives with a severe mental illness, some of us have to medicate to function. I try not to ever base my happiness on anyone else, whether it be me helping or loving or taking care of, someone else. I find that will bring you sadness & disappointment more often than not. For so long I was overwhelmed & could not see my way out of all the problems, debt, past issues & future worries in my life. One day I decided to believe in myself, I had faith in myself when no one else did. Day by day, I planned how to get my life in order. Is it perfect? OH NO! Is it much better, am I much happier, has my life completely changed? Yes! What did I do? I realized that you are in control of your life. Your thoughts become your words, which become your actions, which becomes your destiny. No matter what, I have to find the positive & keep pushing forward because there is no alternative. Once you have faith in yourself, you will develop other faith & once you are not afraid to stand on your own, you may meet the right person to stand beside you, but until then you won’t let the wrong person tear you down! Anyone who is unhappy with any aspect of their life can change it. Hate your job? Downsize. You do not need everything you have! Hate your relationship, go to counseling, if it’s unhealthy, end it. Yes, it IS that easy. Cut up your credit cards, make a payment plan. It has taken almost 4 years & I have 14 months to go, but I’ll be debt free! Once you become happy, you attract happy people because of the vibes you give off, the energy you put out. So, my advice for happiness, figure out what would make you truly happy, even if it’s being an astronaut, you can try, & work toward your goal, while getting away from what you are unhappy about in your life. Also, this one is hard, realize the horrible things that happened in your life happened as a part of life, they did not “happen to you”. That took me years to figure out! Everyone faces different hardships & mine is no worse than yours. Do some people seem to have easier lives than others? Yes. Will me being mad help that in any way? No! You never know what anyone else has faced but terrible things happen & you have to move on & get away from the source of the trauma. That was really long & I know it sounds unrealistic, but when I finally quit resisting, quit being mad & decided, I don’t know what the h### I’m going to do, but I’m not going to live like this anymore, my life started to change. I have bad days & crappy things still happen. But, I’m alive & it’s going to keep getting better 🙂

    1. I am so glad to hear that you have taken steps to take charge of your life. I hope you the very best in all your endeavors. Please feel free to comment here as much as you would like.

      thank you for stopping by and your comments.


  2. What a great, thought provoking article! Yes, I think it’s great to be working on something we are passionate about, and finding that purpose giving us a sense of meaning that makes life all the more enjoyable. And quite often it can take the focus of ourselves and onto something external which can be a great distraction for when we’re feeling down, do you think? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, Angela I firmly agree. I am sure people who are down use this method to help themselves. I have heard of people going off to to help build churches and schools in some third world country to escape their issues. that may not be the best approach in some situations, but it could be an answer.

      thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. This is truly a really uplifting post, nicely put together and certainly makes you think about the bigger scheme of things. I really like this – truly open and up front, thanks and keep up the excellent work

    1. Why thank you Michael for those positive words. I do my best with my style to get my point across. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.

      thanks for stopping by!!

  4. Fantastic post! It sure is important to have meaning in direction in your life. When we first come into this world our natural state is joy and expression, the problem with society today is we’re never where we want to be. Yes its great to have goals and visions and directions but thats were most of our frustration and anxiety comes from too. We want to make money and we are frustrated because after a week we’re not making money because were thinking of the product at the end of the process. We speed up on the motorway because were not at our destination RIGHT NOW. However when we start learning to drive were fully immersed in the experience not thinking about anything else but the processs. What im saying is people are in anything but the moment nowadays and we need to get back to it. When I am writing a blog post I am not thinking about what this is going to achieve for me, I am fully immersed in the experience. Sorry about the long winded comment! Great Post btw! I recommend you check out ‘ the practicing mind ‘ by Thomas n sterner! Keep it up!

    1. Thank you Kourtney and I could not agree more. I will surely find that book and add to my reading list!!

      Thank you for stopping by and comments and please indulge in more if you would like.

  5. Great post. I really like how you recognize that in order for happiness to occur, we all have to DO something positive and that there is no magic switch. Prescription depressants won’t do it. We have to!

  6. I love the quote “He who knows the ‘why’ for their existence, will be able to bear almost any ‘how’ “. That is why I create my website about health, because I suffer from a surgery in 2016. I appreciate my health more after that and want to keep my health as long as possible so that I can accompany my daughters till they don’t need me anymore. Thank you for your beautiful and heart touching article.

    1. Thank you Melani for stopping by and you comments. I am glad that I can help.
      I must ask, why do you feel you are ‘suffering’ from a surgery in 2016. that was 2 yrs ago?


  7. Your words really touched me today, Brent. It is easy for me to get sidetracked and not keep working for and striving towards my own purpose and my own goals. I care so much for others that I get caught up in what they need and forget to keep my own spirit up or lose focus on my “why.” I am signing up for your newsletter today so I can keep coming back to your site. Thanks so much!

    1. Sorry it took so long to answer as i have been out of town. I thank you so much for for coming by and am so glad that I am helping and touching people.

      It is tough to take care of yourself first sometimes but it just has to be done so that you are at you most powerful to help others.

      Cheers and Namaste.

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