I love learning.  I love learning about things that will make me a better human. I also love learning about the correct definition of something when we have been mistaken about said thing for so long. Karma is one of those words

Our lives have been conditioned by many beliefs that are incorrect for so long and it is our duty to release the beliefs that do not serve us. Especially if they are incorrect or flawed.

Case in point:  Karma.society

Our society has somehow adopted that karma is about reaping what you sow. Or fate almost. Your end result of your action and thought. Maybe even considered as an ‘evening out of things’.

Sorta like, you do something bad to someone, something like that is going to happen to you. And then karma is done.

Someone may have good karma because they saved a kitten from a tree or something and has now received a raise or promotion at work.

Or that we have bad karma coming our way because we walked right by an old man that needed help but you were too busy talking on your cellphone.

In some kind of way, if you are consciously doing these things and feel that you did right or wrong, then you may have good or bad things coming to you, respectively.

But that is mindset. That is you attracting to you good things or bad things because you are now seeing thinking thoughts because you did a good or bad thing and you know it.

What you think about, you bring about. That is absolutely true.

But that is not karma.

What karma really isbuddhism karma

What karma is, once you understand what it really is, can be used an awesome self development tool.

Karma is an energy based on your thoughts and actions in every single moment of your day. An energy.

The actual definition of karma is literally ‘action’ or ‘doing’.  Not fate. Although you can see how that can be misconstrued if you think about it.

So how is it different? Karma is an action, not a result.

I was looking through Hackspirit and Thought.co when I came across this revelation, just so you know. I want to give credit where it is due.   And I am grateful for this new knowledge.

Now what struck a chord with me is what the Hackspirit site about why we, as humans, came up with this misconception:

“Because we have this misguided perspective that we need something outside ourselves in order to be happy”

That’s powerful to me.

It’s all from Youinside you

It’s like we believe there is some type of spiritual apparatus that spews out things (tangible or intangible) to us because we were good…or bad.  Which also controls our happiness.

Our car breaks down: “Why is this happening to me? What did I do?”

Nope. You should not do that. Because that thought process right there is your karma.

Yeah, it sucks that your car broke down and it is raining and you will be late for work, but ‘lowering’ your thoughts to see more perceivably bad things and what you did ‘wrong’ will bring more lower, undesirable things to you.

Karma is not something that is at all biased. It is not reward or punishment for anything. It is what you generate.

So you can see how that is powerful, right?

What to do next…energy

So knowing-or being reminded for some of us-that karma is energy we develop inside of us means that obviously we can control it because it is determined by our thoughts and actions.

So what kind of karma do you desire? Do you want a peaceful loving karma? An abundant, prosperous karma? A healthy karma?

And then ask yourself what kind of karma do you actually have?

Are you practicing the correct thoughts and actions to generate the karma you desire?

You could consider this to be your Law of attraction but in Buddhist speak.

Your gardenflowers

You may have heard this one before, but your mind is like a garden. All the seeds you could possibly need are in that garden. Some of those seeds you don’t need or want, but they are there anyways.

These seeds are your possible emotions and thoughts that could be used in your life. It is your job to water (or use) the right ones to make a fruitful life for yourself.

The seeds are happiness, joy, peace, harmony, etc. as your good seeds. Anger, discontent, sadness, etc. as your bad.  The seeds that you water the most will be the majority-or all-of your garden. And will be your mind.

What do you want to have in your garden/mind? The good or the bad? What do you want your intentions to be? What do you want karma to be? The plants from these seeds will be your karmic energy.

These will also reflect how your life will be played out.  What your karmic energy is.

The harvestharvest

Make sure you water those seeds into plants that you consciously want to have in your garden. Of what you want your life to be. Whether it be loving, abundant, healthy or all of the above!!

You have to be conscious and aware and mindful of what you are watering in your garden…you have the power to control this!!

Would love to hear your thoughts and please share this article with your friends as this more correct concept of karma is new, refreshing(if you think about it) and vital to your well being.