We all know it is the cause of not just discomfort but pain and possibly disease. Stress can be defined as simply a reaction to a stimulus that disturbs our physical or mental equilibrium.  It is an omnipresent part of life.  Something stressful can trigger one’s fight-or-flight response causing adrenaline or cortisol to course through your human body.

So in the last post I wrote, I talked about how letting go of attachment and addiction that you had accumulated through life so that you could let whatever happen be okay.

Easier said than done, I know.

Well, if you can raise your threshold to stressors in your life, then making whatever happens be okay will be much easier, right?

Raise my what?

So let’s talk about threshold for a minute.

Threshold is the magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction or result to occur.

Each one of us has a threshold to stress. And that threshold will be different with any situation.

In life, we get paid more and/or respected more once we get better at doing or enduring something. That is why there are ranks in the Army or Marines because that Sergeant who has been in wartime has a higher threshold to the carnage and chaos going on around him over some private who is in his first firefight. Race car drivers, surgeons, technicians, librarians…

OK, maybe this doesn’t apply to librarians too much. But just what you know does not determine how good you are at said thing. you have to have a high threshold to the stressors of said thing as well.

Look at 007, James Bond. Always calm, cool and collected no matter what death defying situation he is in.

A surgeon who gets queasy the sight of blood is not going to be a very good surgeon. That could get downright messy and not very healthy for the patient on the table. He has a low blood threshold. Or hemophobia. Or both.

I think I have made my point.

So how do you raise your threshold?

That’s an easy one. Chaos.

A sailor who has navigated through heavy seas and storms will be a much better sailor than one who stayed close to the shore in calm waters, right? Higher thresholds of the stresses of running a ship.

And a child who grew up in a household full of rules and/or with overprotective parents is going to have a harder time at life than a child who did not have all sorts of rules to abide by.

OK, so that is all fine and dandy. Not too much you can do about that except to be aware of why you are how you are. That awareness could be your key to a certain extent. But say you want to speed that raising awareness up a bit.

Face your fears.

Are you scared to death of people and talking in front of them? Take a public speaking class. Afraid of heights? Go bungee-jump. Afraid of dogs or cats? Visit a friend with pets and acclimate.

Another way to raise your threshold? Meditation.

Meditation slows your electrical brain wave patterns. This simultaneously increases brainwave fluctuation.  The brain cannot handle these fluctuations. So your brain, and your internal map of reality as you know it, will experience a stimulus that of course will push it past its present threshold. Your brain will be in a state of temporary chaos and then reorganizes itself at a higher level. A higher level that can now deal with more stress and outside stimuli.

There are several products out there that can make this process even quicker. One I have had positive results with is Holosync, which you can try for free by clicking below.

So I hope this little lesson or reminder helps you be a better you. If you can think of anyone else it could help, please share and pass this post on. And of course I am always up for comments and/or accolades. Everyone loves positive feedback.