So while finishing up Vishen Lakhiani’s book, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, I found what I think is an awesome tool to use  for mental health. Vishen came up with this Six phase and uses it every day.

It is called the Six Phase and it is a ‘mental hack to get you to the level of extraordinary faster than ever before.’

Vishen’s words….

But reading through this hack, I can see how it is so powerful.

Apparently this is something that he tweaks every six months, so as I am going to give you an overview that he was nice enough to put in his book,  The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, he may have already updated the tool.

How it Workshow it works

So there is two parts to the Six Phase. Three phases that are in the first part are about your happiness here in the now. Then the second part  (last three phases) are about your future.

The first three phases are

  1. Compassion
  2. Gratitude
  3. Forgiveness

The last three phases are:

  1. Future Dreams
  2. The Perfect Day
  3. The Blessing

Now let’s break them down a bit more…

Phase 1: Compassioncompassion

In this phase, you practice and express your intention towards a greater role of interconnectedness to your fellow human beings. This starts with your family and moves out from there.  In other words, this phase is about feeling connected to others and sharing kindness towards each other.

So what you do is picture someone you truly love. Your wife, daughter, son, pet…whoever.  You can even change said person from day to day.

Now feel this love truly through your entire body and note how that feels.  You now have a compassion anchor.

Now you take that sensation and let it bubble up around you and through you and let it build and grow. Your room, your house, your city, your state—to the entire planet.

Send that love and compassion to everyone on the planet. Just focus on that feeling… Good work.

Phase 2: Gratitudegratitude

It is amazing what gratitude can do for human minds.  It has been shown that gratitude increases your energy, improves sleep and reduces anxiety among other things.   Simply what you do in this phase is think of three things you are grateful for in your personal life, your work life and, most importantly, about yourself.

These things could be as simple as a warm cup of tea you are brewing for personal or maybe the great view you have from your desk at work.

The third is the most important because most often look for love from others and fail to truly love ourselves.  The luck you have to always get that parking space in the front of the mall to your impeccable taste in clothes.  These are things you need to love about yourself.  Self appreciation is huge.

Phase 3: ForgivenessForgiveness

This one is a bit tougher but still necessary.  Forgiveness has been seen by science to reduce back pain, lead to profound health benefits, greater feelings of happiness, even excelled athletic performance!!

So there are actually three steps to this phase and I will break it down simply:

  1. Set up the scene for who or what you need to forgive (it could even be yourself). It could even be from your early childhood.
  2.  Feel the pain and anger you associated with this event.
  3. Forgive into love. Realize that whatever you went through taught you some type of lesson you learned and was beneficial to your growth.

So now the second part

Phase 4: Future Dreamsdreams

Here I have to back up to an earlier part of the book where Vishen had his “Three Most Important Questions”.

  1. What experiences do you want to have in this lifetime?
  2. How do you want to grow?
  3. How do you want to contribute?

I am not going to go into much detail as I would not give all this information justice without rewriting the book,The Code of the Extraordinary Mind. I certainly can not tell this like Vishen can.

On your future dreams phase, the next step would be to take the answer to one of the questions and with the answer in mind, start daydreaming.

When you daydream about your answers, infuse as much emotion as you can as this is key.

Suppose you can’t really get your head around this goal. Then you can do what Christie Marie Sheldon suggests and ask yourself questions like:

  • Why am I so successful in love?
  • Why am I so good at attracting and keeping money?
  • Why am I at my ideal weight?

That should help to get your mind into the mode it needs to get to for your awesome and inevitable future to unfold.

Phase 5: The Perfect Dayperfect day

To start off, you have to start with the question to yourself :

In order for me to start achieving the items on my Three Most Important Questions list, what should I be doing today?

Think of your day all the way through with how you want your day to go ideally.

You could even go into this process asking yourself “Wouldn’t it be nice if________?”  That sets your mind to do what you just asked it about.

Author Esther Hicks suggested this gem.

Imagining you have the power to control your day gives you just that: POWER!

Phase 6: The BlessingBlessing

Speaking of power, here is the good part.

Imagine yourself with the power of whatever God or religion you are loyal to. Feel it cascade down your body from your head to your feet. Feel yourself protected fully by that God that is their to protect you and guide you on your right path to your dreams.

Then imagine yourself thanking that energy and see yourself ready to face the day.

That is Vishen’s (most recent that I know of) six-phase system he shared in his book, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind. I am thinking that he covered all bases here and the program certainly has done well for him.

I am a big fan of what Vishen Lakhiani has done with himself and his life. He has helped so many people with his purpose in life. His book did make the best seller list and the book alone has done so much good for people.

Mindvalley, Vishen’s company he started from nothing without any debt to what it is today is one of the reason’s I am as awesome as I am.

Not really humble, though.

Would love to read your thoughts and please share with more fellow humans.