There is a drink made of fermented green tea (along with other ingredients) that is in many ways advantageous to our health. This beverage is called Kombucha.

This drink is known as the ‘immortal health elixir’ by the Chinese because of its supposed properties listed below.

  • Improved digestion
  • stimulation of your immune system
  • prevention of arthritis
  • prevention of cancer
  • reduction of your cholesterol
  • body detoxification
  • ¬†weight loss
  • energy enhancement

kombucha vibrant

There are many sites declaring Kombucha’s benefits including the ones I list above and this drink has been around in the east for over 2000 years.

Sure, there are a large number of beverages out there for our consumption, but let me let you in on some of the benefits and why.

Kombucha contains probiotics

If you don’t know what probiotics are, they essentially provide your stomach with healthy bacteria. What this does for you is improves your digestion, helps to alleviate inflammation and even helps you lose weight.

Kombucha contains antioxidants

There are a bunch of free radicals that have free reign of your body to damage your cells. Antioxidants fight said free radicals. It has also been proven that getting antioxidants from food or drink sources is better than taking a supplement.

May kill bacteria

The acetic acid and polyphenols in Kombucha is also been known to kill harmful bacteria in your body because of its strong antibacterial properties.

kombucha helps kill cancer cells

May kill cancer cells

This beverage, in test tube studies, has been seen to prevent the spreading and growth of cancer cells, although the work in this field is not totally understood yet.

May help with type 2 diabetes

Blood sugar levels have been reduced by slowing the digestion of carbs when Kombucha is drank regularly. Also, if this beverage is made with green tea, the green tea has its own powerful properties to help kidney and liver function.

The Wrap up

This is just a few of the amazing properties and amazing ingredients of this awesome drink that we all should be drinking.

I am one who knows that eating the right foods and drink will help with your well being and mental health as you know you are doing the right thing for your body. This incredible elixir supports that highly.

This beverage can also be made at home as there are many recipes on the web that you could try, if you are so inclined.