I ran into a new concept for self growth the other day. See if this resonates with you…here is a clue: proof.

The concept-which was kind of a revelation for me-was brought to my attention by Kristen Howe.

While you go through your day to days, what do you think and feel about as far as your goals go?  Do you focus on what is going against you or going for you?

Meaning this: Most people are generally looking for proof of things that are NOT happening in our lives. Things that we are NOT getting.

man hate optimize-your-lifeAnd even worse, we could be seeing things that we want but in other people’s lives and then hate and envy for them for it.

So we are first possibly seeking proof of things that we don’t want while wanting something different OR seeing someone else have it and hating them for it.

Or both…

Both situations are examples of the wrong focus.

How did we get that way? I am thinking that this a worse consequence than of what we deal with in society already.  The ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ syndrome and the mental shaping we see in television commercials and shows of how we are supposed to be, act and behave.

Any any rate, that is not important in that we are now aware and can do something about it: this looking for proof of NOT and hating ones who do is judging and puts us in a state of lack.

A state of lack brings more lack into our lives.  So we have to figure out how to turn this bad ride around.

How do we do that?

By instead of looking for proof of NOT looking for proof of IS.

“When we get infinitely powerful as human beings is when we start looking for proof of what we do want.”

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that this was kind of a revelation for me because I sort of do that already.

What I do is whatever is put in front of me-whatever situation or happening-I believe that it is happening for my benefit. For my thriving as a human being. For my success and abundant outcome.

rose colored glasses optimize-your-lifeSo while I do keep positive by accepting and welcoming all and looking at all through those proverbial rose-colored glasses, I wasn’t actively pursuing awesomeness by looking for proof. I just kind of let it happen for me because I believed it would happen for me.

Or should I say will.

Actually, it’s more like I just KNOW that everything will go my way. But now I am actually consciously looking for the proof that it’s the case.

So this starts a new whole new type of feedback loop!

So the premise here is just see whatever you are looking for: love, health, wealth, whatever…not necessarily in your life but anywhere.

As a matter of fact, don’t look for proof in your life. That is way too much pressure. Look for it just anywhere. Just know and see that it exists. That is proof enough.

Once you see what you desire anywhere, celebrate it. Love it. Thank it for being evident IN YOUR LIFE.

That’s right. It happened right in front of you. You saw it. Which means it is possible for you, too.

So you need to take the time in your day to look for proof of what you desire. When you find the proof, celebrate and love it.  Thank it for being there.

What does that do?

You are essentially magnetizing yourself to receive your desires. You are aligning yourself with your desires because you are thanking your higher being (God or Universe or Source…whatever) that your desires are evident in your  life.

Which means they are flowing to you…

That’s the Law of Attraction.

attracting buddha optimize-your-life

So when you realize that you are also a magnificent child of God (meaning I know I am) and know that you are worthy of any and all that you want (meaning that I know you are), then look for what you desire as proof that it is possible.

I can tell you that this conviction of proof that your life is awesome will fill you with joy and happiness. And although you do deserve it, you should still be thankful for it.

Because gratitude is a most powerful force in the Universe right along side of love, in my humble opinion. Happiness is right up there, too.

happy girl optimize-your-life

So let me know how you feel about this post. I would to hear how you feel or how you resonated with this new idea.  Please share if you feel that someone would benefit from the knowledge from this post.

As I said at the beginning, this was not my brain child, although I wish it was. Kristen Howe gets full credit for this. I get to feel its power. So can you.