So if there is one thing we all want  it is happiness.  It is our number one end all-be all goal.  You could be a do-gooder doing charity work for your own happiness and giving back or you could be an axe murderer. You have the same goal. Happiness. So being happy is attainable by all!!

You have to be mad to think you will attain happiness from killing someone with an axe. Or maybe you do attain happiness to a point. But you will be killing again to attain more.

The funny thing is is that most people think getting happiness is by getting or being something.  So in a way, they are just as mad as that murderer.

Getting little flickers of happiness from the ‘outer world’ isn’t very lasting. Or satisfying.  Being happy is going to be coming from your inner world if you want lasting and satisfying.

Here is a list of things to drop to help you get there…

Other people’s approval.

That is so a lost cause. The only person you need to be worried about pleasing is yourself.  I mean, really who gives a crap what other people think? Do what you need to do for your own happiness.

Anger & Resentment

They say that anger and resentment is like a poison. But the only thing is the only person that is affected is the person taking it.

Life is too short for either. Move on. Forgive. If the pain of anger and resentment is in you, just let it go. You are only hurting yourself.

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Anything Perfect

There really is no such thing as perfect. Things are always going to be change so there is no reason to expect to stay perfect or get perfect. Jus’ saying’!!


To resist is to not allow better things into your life. And you were not put onto thins planet to suffer. You are here to thrive. So believe and accept.  You are not here to have control.

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All you need to worry about is yourself. Judging gets you nowhere. It puts your mind into a state you don’t want to be in. You need to be of love and acceptance always if you want to be happy. Judgment of anyone-even yourself-won’t get you there.


Your life is yours and you have to own it. You have to take responsibility and make your happiness your goal. It is not anyone else’s responsibility. Sure you may have help from your spouse or whoever, but ultimately it is your goal so you have to fulfill it.

Your Past

Look forward and be in the present working towards your next moment. The past may have shaped you but you can always change what and who you are. So don’t live in your past.

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The Wrap Up

Being happy is really pretty simple. Just be happy. Don’t look for validation.  Don’t look for material things. Be in the moment and enjoy life as it comes to you.

I am not going to beat this subject to death. It is a personal choice and I am helping to show you how to get there.

I am not even the only one that gives this advice.

At the end of the day, I hope you do attain happiness(if you haven’t already) but that will not stop me from being happy. Hoping you will join me.