I am all about good life hacks to help me ultimately ‘win’ and further myself.  They could be as simple as doing new things, journaling and reading every day. But we can do more.

This post will be a bit more about human interaction. Not necessarily manipulation, but knowing how humans interact on a larger scale means you can use those behaviors to your advantage on a larger scale.

Unsatisfactory Answers

Don’t like an answer received in a conversation or don’t understand the answer? Simply look into their eyes. This will psychologically urge them to elaborate their thoughts more to your favor.look into eyes

Close the Gap

Planning to have a meeting with a bunch of business cohorts and expect one to be aggressive? Sit next to them at the boardroom table. Sure it will be uncomfortable, but it will keep that person from getting too unruly.close the gap

Remember Names

A person feels special if you remember and call them by their first names. Make it a point to remember them as that will keep them on your side ands agreeable. Works every time.meetings

Keep Calm

Okay so you have made some upset to the point that they are raising their voice. Refrain some going to their level. Stay calm and said person will most likely cool down and maybe even apologize.keep calm

Decision Making

Have a decision to make? Best to give yourself only four options as any more would be overwhelming. Process of elimination until you get to your final is best.decisions

Good Posture

Good posture is a sign of confidence so you should work on posture every minute of every day. This will help.  Fill the room more by not slouching and commanding a bit of respect.posture

Warm Hands

Studies say that cold hands means no trust. Want to be trusted? Warm your hands first. This also promotes a friendlier atmosphere.warm hand

Asking For Help?

Make the person you are asking of feel needed. Start the question of asking by telling them first that you need their help.  This will most certainly urge the person to be more apt to help you.asking for help

From A New Angle

I have spent a very big majority of my time and writings on this site looking at the human-meaning you- singularly. Not as how to improve yourself in the relationship you have with other humans. My deepest apologies for that.

This article covers that angle. Self growth from the angle of how to interact with fellow humans to your advantage.

Please share and comment of any other ‘hacks’ that you think may apply as far as human relations.