My last post which was about resiliency touched on quite a few points of awareness which could help you change your life. This one is another life changing point-paradigms.

When I say change your life, I mean a gradual change. I am not one to acclaim the words AMAZING and FANTASTIC without reason. And while your results can be those adjectives and many more, they do not come without a bit of work within awareness on your part.

I mentioned your automatic response system several times in my last post.

If you did not ‘get’ the meaning of the automatic response system, let us examine this intangible but very real thing from a different angle for a moment. And let us call this very powerful thing a paradigm.

A paradigm is your mental program that controls your habitual behavior. And whether you believe it or not, most of your behavior is habitual.

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I had concentrated on talking about how to transcend or surpass your paradigm a.k.a. automatic response system in the last post for your awareness and education or at least a reminder of what it does to you.

Here’s a Question

But what about while we eclipse this possibly overwhelming entity over our lives by being in the moment and practice things like resiliency, we also change said entity to suit our needs more appropriately?

That sounds to me like the epitome of optimization!!

So if we are not being  “I” and being in the moment which means we are being affected i.e. controlled by our paradigm a.k.a. automatic response system, at least the program playing is one that is conducive to our needs and desires.

Sounds like a win-win to me!!

Method #1

So the question is how do we change this program? This program that controls us in the name of protecting our welfare from being hurt mentally or physically?

Although protecting us sounds like a good idea, this means that taking risks and doing things that could perhaps help us move further in our lives are essentially squashed.

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Essentially changing this program means conditioning on a subconscious level.  This is the way your paradigm was formed in the first place and this process started back in your early years of life.

As the years go by and you are constantly reaffirming your paradigm, it becomes more and more powerful and ingrained in you.

When the process of forming your paradigm began, your needs were very basic and rudimentary. As was your intelligence.   Food and love. Maybe even love and food was all that you were after.  And maybe an occasional diaper change.

Well, I am thinking by the time you are forming your life’s paradigm, you have hopefully been potty trained. I can only speculate.

But when those love needs were not met, you formed ideas that became your paradigm that shaped the rest of your life.  These ideas were very abstract and in a lot of cases not even entirely true.

The idea could be as basic as you saw a bald man being mean to a dog and you decide that all bald people don’t like animals.

Yes, that absurd.

Why do the animals get hated by the bald people to begin with? Because they have no hair or fur? More reason the idea is absurd and should be discarded.

bald adult

I still personally don’t understand how bald guys with beards actually decide where to ‘start’ their beards…but I digress.

This idea of bald men and animals was actually not involving love at all, in a sense, of course. Sometimes they don’t.

How about this one: if you are constantly trying to get your parents’ attention and they are ignoring you purposely or not, you will end up with an idea or belief that you are not even worth listening to.

How is that for a harmful paradigm?

Nonetheless, you make all your decisions based on said ideas. And these ideas which have formed your paradigm in life most likely will hold you back from your full potential.

So knowing now what I have just spoke of, what do you do?

Well, being aware of the absurd ideas is the start. It takes a lot of soul searching, if you will, but it can be done.

When you reach a moment of resistance or turmoil, you have to ask yourself why you are having the resistance. Especially when you are about to perform something that could enhance your life.

Is something telling you that you are not good enough to do it or go through with it or keep up with it? Or maybe not smart enough or strong enough? This is a good sign there is a paradigm issue in your midst.

So if you are lacking in a certain part of your existence in this Universe, there is a reason. There is likely an idea you have planted in your subconscious-part of your paradigm-that is holding you back.

Could be money, relationships or health to mention a few. Those are the three biggies, though. It could just be luck that you feel you don’t have. Good luck, that is.

That subconscious mind of yours holding your paradigm is pretty darn powerful as you know.

Back to how to fix it.

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Repetition is the answer. Discover what your false idea is and then start with an affirmation that is all positive to ‘disarm’ said idea.

If you think you are not ‘lucky’, you can start with an affirmation of “All good things come to me” just to give an example.

I will also tell you that the best time to get these affirmations to affect your paradigms is when you fall asleep and just when you wake up.

It will take some time and effort on your part but is certainly feasible and possible.

Here is a link for a site that outlines what could work for you.

So that is one way to change your destructive paradigms. All by yourself. Which is something that a lot of humans like to accomplish as far as dependence goes. For the satisfaction of it.

Or you can get help. By a professional.

Method #2

Enter Bob Proctor and the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

This man has been in the self growth industry for more than many of us have been alive. I have touched on his work many times in my days and on this site. He truly is a pioneer and a hero.

To me and many others.

He started the Proctor Gallagher Institute a few years ago and it has done nothing but help him help more people with their paradigms. As he has had done singlehandedly for many years before.

He truly is a professional.

It is said that if you truly want to change, then get a mentor. This program he is offering is the next best thing.

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This paradigm shifting live stream is affordably priced so it is accessible for you and to you.

I am sure this will not be the last time I tell you about this as it is almost a month away.  I am giving you plenty of time to think about how powerful it will be for your life. Well worth the less than $150 out of your pocket.

Here is the link again.

Oh, and here is a free copy of his e-book.
You Were Born Rich-DOWNLOAD FREE

The Wrap Up

As I said there are two ways to change your life which means changing your internal programming, your paradigm or automatic response system, whatever you want to call it.

Yes, this is an affiliate link for a program I know will change you for the better. It will change mine as well. I wanted to tell you about it for that reason.

Or you can change your paradigm yourself just going through my posts or any other self growth site’s post to help you. As long as you do the work somehow. I gave you lots of information here for you to make a choice.

It’s your life. You can do what you want with it. Once you make the choice to own your life, there are people who can help.

Please comment on with any thoughts or questions you may have and please share with who you believe this will help. They will thank you.

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