As I have said in posts of the past, acceptance is key. Being able to accept means that you have grown a stronger mind already.  But there are a few more areas that would help to grow a stronger mind and once you actually implement them and have them be part of your new better self, you will be the human you are meant to be.

Work on what you can control is what I am saying. Which means your thoughts, feelings and behaviors are what you work on.

This is something that should be taught in school starting at sixth grade, I think.  Just imagine how ‘together’ our country would be if we all had our mental faculties together? If we were taught how to think from a younger age before we had a bunch of limiting beliefs standing in the way?

Well, then I guess the psychologist and psychotherapist industry would be a bit smaller….

But I digress…

So here are a few pointers to help you strengthen your mind. If you aren’t doing them, there is no better time than now to start.

Your emotional self needs understood

First of all I want you to realize that you and your thoughts are not the same. You sit atop a great mountain of thoughts and feeling that make you behave a certain way and not always desirable. But the most important thing to know is that these feelings ARE  NOT YOU. You can cancel them any time. But what you really need to do is observe them and accept or they tend to come back stronger. The feelings just sit there waiting for a chance to come out. But you can have control.

There is a lot more to this topic and I am not a doctor so I will not have all the answers but suffice to say, the next time you have anger or sadness, ask yourself why. Keep a journal. Writing down things about my thoughts and reading them after has helped me. It is a way to realize yourself when you actually get thoughts out of your head and on paper.

Self Love, empathy and care

People who are mentally strong talk nice to themselves. They don’t call themselves idiots when they do something stupid. They laugh at themselves. You have to take care of yourself before any one else, too. You need to be #1 in your own life. You are worth it and you deserve it. You are magnificent creature of God and you need to act like it. To do that, you need to practice self love and care. Don’t be hard on yourself. What does that really prove?

Authenticity is paramount

Like I just mentioned, you are a one of a kind and that is something to celebrate and appreciate, not punish yourself  for.  If we were all like everyone else, we would get bored with each other!! Be real, be you. If people can’t deal with you being yourself, then they don’t want to know you, therefore they are not worth knowing.

Be Intentional

Have goals and a purpose.  Have ambition. Be in the present and look to do things that mean something. Things that mean something to you and hopefully the rest of the human race. Always be learning something and looking out for new things to learn and experience. Your brain thrives on novelty!!

If you want to know about something, you go to the library or the bookstore or you do an internet search for it. Why would you not want to do the same thing for your life? Why would you not want to learn the best way to live?

Being intentional and moving through life with a purpose is rewarding. Celebrate every little thing you do that moves you closer to your goals and purpose.

In Closing

To have a good hold on your thoughts and feelings means you have a good hold on your life and how it unravels for you. Know yourself. Love yourself. Understand yourself. And get yourself moving.

As usual, let me know if you have any questions or comments by commenting to this and please share this post so I can hopefully help as many people as I can.