I gotta admit, I pretty much having this being cool down to an art. To be cool is something we should all aspire to be.

You may have just thought that being cool was some superficial condition that everyone wanted to be in high school, but there is more to it than that.


Studies show that being cool matters.  One could say that being cool actually may just be an awesome side effect of having your said proverbial crap together.

So how do you get to be cool? How do you get it together?

Well, as far as high school goes, it may be as simple as just having the coolest car around. Or maybe just having a car.  If not material things, then most likely you are just really good at something and people admire you for that and >presto< you are cool.

So high school is over now. Now how do you get to be cool?

You have to start all over again and this time it won’t be for a few short years while you were in school.

This is real life, baby.

So where does one start?

If you are already a few years (or decades) into your life, it may be tough to start with your current surroundings in place. Your behaviors are set where you are. Along with the people around you and the way they see you.

You are going to do some drastic stuff.

At the very least, change where you work. Maybe even change where you live.

I am talking about reinventing yourself in a brand new place.

So then what?


I have read several definitions for this word/skill/gift. I listed a few below:

  • ‘compelling attractiveness charm that can inspire devotion in others’
  • ‘a divinely conferred power or talent’
  • ‘the ability to attract, charm or influence the people around you.’

I think my favorite definition of charm, though, is the ability to connect with people through sheer force of personality.

I am thinking that some people are saying “Well, that’s not me”.  Or “charisma isn’t something I can just get.”

But it can be.  Check this out.

Sure, there are people who do just naturally have charisma, but that does not mean it is unattainable to others. You may just have to work at it a little bit.

So what else can make you cool?


Fake it till you make it.

Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.

Okay that is not really confidence. Confidence is having faith in yourself and in your abilities. Recognizing what you can do and that you do it differently than any one else and that makes you special.

Plus, there has to be some assumption on your part.  If you want to be something bigger than you are, then you have to act the part beforehand.

In other words, if you plan to grow into something bigger and better, you have to take your mind there first. You can’t be something bigger and better unless you already are in your mind .

That makes sense, right?

You should, by the way, want to be more. You should always want to get bigger and grow. Humans are supposed to thrive.

Next up…

Stop Trying So Hard.laidback tiger

In other words, relax and don’t make a big fuss.

People with high confidence levels are noted to have a low amount of body movement. They don’t fidget with their hair and clothes and such, use the word ‘um’ in a sentence…

Be reserved. Sit back and watch. Extend yourself.

It makes you powerful…


I am not saying buck authority wherever you go just to make a scene. That actually would be trying too hard.

What I am speaking of is a bit of resilience on your part.

Sometimes to get what you want, you have to think outside the box. Meaning knowing what the rules are but not necessarily following them.

Especially if following your own path is easier than following the more traveled path of doing what everyone else is doing.

Sometimes it is…

All Tied Together

Being one of the cool kids is pretty awesome. I personally like being a cool kid all by myself. I also personally did some learning just doing the reading that I did for this post. I hope you did too.

And if you did, how about showing some love and  commenting below and share the post. Pay it forward.