If you are anything like me, you will always be looking for ways to improve what you are doing. Especially if said thing is supposed to be for self growth and self improvement. Sometimes reading or hearing about something in a different way will trigger an improved method.  Just a tweak can make a big difference.

This is especially true when it comes to my meditation.  New hints, new music, new frequencies, new beats…  This brain of ours thrives on novelty so I like to keep things mixed up as far as what I listen to and do to a certain extent.

But there are certain times when I read and run across ideas to help me get deeper into my practice. Below are a few of them I have picked up:

  • First of all, do not meditate with expectations. Everyone’s mind is different as will be their meditation. It should be met with openness and love, not hoping and wishing. You will have good ‘sessions’ and not so good. No need to be discouraged. Just be appreciative that you found meditation and take time to practice it.
  • Your mind wants to think and wants you to be engaged in it. But of course the idea of meditation is to clear your mind of thought and to be disconnected and just observing the thought. To just be.  But sometimes you just can’t stop thinking. So how about this? Think of your next thought. Ask yourself what your next thought will be and you will be directing your awareness to that empty space between those pesky thoughts. Then stay there.
  • The between breath space. Between your inhale and exhale. Focus there.  That place is so large to me, so extensive.  To focus there is truly a good place to be.
  • This is called “Feet.Seat.Back.” Sitting in a chair, instead of focusing on the breath or the space between the breath,  focus on just the feeling of your feet touching the ground. That connection. Then your buttocks in the chair. That feeling. Then focus your attention of your back against the chair. Then let the body relax into those three areas’ sensations.

Just a couple of pointers I have run into that I thought I would share. Do you have any meditation tips? Comment in this post with any ideas you have and share to let other people enhance their practice. We are all in this together.