I just wanted to pause for second and give thanks for some of the companies I have been dealing with lately and how they have helped me grow and hopefully I have helped them grow also. Gratitude is huge when it comes to being spiritually ascending, so I wanted to physically put out thanks to the ones out there who deserve it.

Gratitude and appreciation is a very strong emotion. And a very positive one at that. They say it helps your soul and spirit to give thanks every night and every morning. Being thankful is very influential  in most religions, I would imagine.

So I wanted to express a little thankfulness myself. Also to you who is reading this right now. Thank you for visiting. I hope you will come back and see what else I can do to help optimize you in your life.

    So I have been on this awesome platform of Wealthy Affiliate for over 6 months now and I think my trial period is over. I am sticking around for awhile. I was blogging for over a decade here at tayappention.net before I found Wealthy Affiliate and never did I think that the world of affiliate marketing could be so easy and fun to do. I have made a lot of like minded new friends whom I have learned from about affiliate marketing and hopefully I have helped some people as well.
  2. WEB HITS!!
    I want to thank Rebrandable Traffic for bringing over 500 hits to my site every day for such a small price I wonder how they even make money!! For anyone who is working on getting more traffic through your site, Rebrandable Traffic is the way to go!!
    I want to thank Mark Waldman and his NeuroWisdom 101 program for allowing my first affiliate commission check!! Oh, it was a very nice day indeed. Dr Waldman and his programs(he is still at work helping out his fellow man!) are how people improve, heal and optimize themselves…but from a clinical sense. He has helped me and many, many others.
    I would like to thank Bill Harris of Centerpointe with his product Holosync. Not only has his product helped me and millions of others, but his emails and website have been a further education for me. I continue to learn from that man.
  5. SUPPORT!!
    I have fellow bloggers who helped me to get where I am and I would like to think I have done the same for them. I am sure I will not remember them all, but a few of the biggest’ sites are listed below.


What are you thankful for? Think about them and list them every morning and night in your heads. Be thankful for everything that happens to you because everything builds you as a person.

Please thank all in my comments section if you would like. You can especially thank me by sharing this with as many others as you can. Help me spread the love through gratitude…