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Things to Stop, Give Up and Realize

I have been on this planet for a little over 50 years.  And I don’t give up much.

It wasn’t till the last 3 years that I have realized and really taken to heart what life is all about.

And it wasn’t till the last 3 months that I have really taken notice of what I really need to do to make life more enlightened.

Now I hope that other people will follow the lead I have realized and not wait till they are 50 to take the following words in heed.

Believe me, it’s worth it. I know I am done on my journey(it never ends) but I feel better every day.

  • Give up blame
    It is not going to do you any good to blame people for whatever. Just whatever it is, fix it because if whatever is happening to you, as it is your problem and your responsibility to fix. Be in charge of your life.
  • Give up limiting beliefs
    It has been said that “A belief is not an idea held by the mind, it is an idea that holds the mind”. In other words, a belief can hold you back. Start working on what is holding you back in life. Nothing holding you back? You are happy with what you have right now? Then I am happy for you. But I will say look real hard at yourself to make sure you believe that.Be optimize your life
  • You don’t have to be always be right
    Most times, humans would rather be right instead of being correct.  But you lose your chance of learning if you can’t be open-minded enough to new possibilities.  Always wanting to be right also creates stress. It’s just not worth it to try to be right all the time. Give your ego a rest!!
  • Give up complaining and criticising
    To be doing either one or both of these things means you are in the wrong frame of mind and totally counterproductive for your best well being. Try looking at things in a different more positive perspective and point of view. Practice that and your life will become more pleasant, I promise. Why? Because you will stop looking for things to complain and criticize!! It works!!
  •  Give up resisting and needing constant control
    This Universe is constantly changing and evolving. It has to. And for you to think that you know more than THE UNIVERSE and what is best for you  is absolutely ludicrous! Think about that. Just relax and let things happen. Don’t resist change. Change is a good thing and should not be feared.
  • Delete the self-defeating self talk
    I am sure this may be tough but this may help to start you on the right path: YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS!! The mind is a very powerful thing and can be either a superb tool or a destructive tool. It’s your choice.  Start your training today. To start with the awareness of yourself and your thoughts is key.identity optimize your life
  • Give up attachment
    Where does attachment come from? Fear. You should embrace whatever you fear and accept to truly be free of it. In actuality, fear takes us back to the resisting and control point from two points ago!!   Not letting go of attachments is resisting and trying to control what is not controllable and that will get you nowhere.
  • Live your life.
    In other words, figure out what you want to do and do it. Don’t live to other’s expectations. Sure you can appease them to a point, but to only follow their lead is not doing yourself any justice or good. Follow your path. You deserve it!!

All these things have lead to heartache and stress and pain in my years. But letting these points sink in and really noticing when I do these negative things has created a difference in my life.

One of the ‘hacks’ I have been using is Holosync because it helps you to let go of limiting beliefs much quicker than meditation alone and I will condone the use of that all day long!!

So maybe one person will have a light bulb go off above their head and start moving towards realizing what this list can do for them.

To me, that is a good start.

This is your universe and you should live it in the best way possible.

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Can you help move this list along? Can you add to this list? Can you see at least one point on this list you need to work on? Please share and comment below. Would love to hear your thoughts!!

14 thoughts on “Things to Stop, Give Up and Realize”

  1. I enjoyed reading your article. Many things stated in there applied to me. For 13 years I worked in a dead-end office job because I needed the money to survive. I dealt with it although the job was horrible. I felt like I have been missing out on life. I knew there had to be a better life for me than going back and forth to that office for a lousy pay and building someone else’s dreams. I was too stubborn to quit because I was afraid I could not find any other source of income. I was proven wrong. Then the time came – that is quit that horrible job and become self-employed, and enjoy life which means travel more.

    1. That’s awesome!! People need to look more towards the future and change if they want to embrace life. I am so glad that you are happy. Hope fully your comments will inspire more to do the same!!!

      thank you for stopping by and your positive words and story.


  2. Great motivating and encouraging post. I really enjoyed how you started the post off with “give up blame,” as that is something that so many of us humans do, without even realizing how much harm it has on our body/mind. I also enjoyed how you ended the suggestions with “live your life,” you couldn’t have put it any more clearly, people need to stop trying to be what others want them to be and instead just do what you want, after all, it is your life.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and your positive feedback. I didn’t really put anything in any particular order when I thought about the post, but if it clicked well for you, then it must have been for a reason.

      Hope all is well in your world.

  3. There is a ton of positivity in this post. Thank you for that! Isn’t it crazy how doing something as simple as changing your mindset can affect so many things in our life?

    Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    1. it is very simple and maybe why it is so overlooked. Humans just don’t think it is that easy to change their life. Mindset is everything!!

      thank you so much for stopping by and those kind words!!


  4. Excellent work !!! Normally I have the habit of whenever something bad happens I used to blame or point fingers at others. And from your reading I understand how peaceful it will be if we accept our failures and mistakes. Also I always fear about change which puts in a difficult situation in decision making and from your reading I need to overcome that which is very difficult on my perspective. Thanks for letting me know on this and this was really valuable. Thanks and keep well.

    1. I am glad I can help, Manasir. I am hoping many people will gain insight from this. It is not that people don’t know it it is that humans need constant reminder unless fully in practice, yes?

      thank you for stopping by and those nice words.


  5. Thanks for your post.

    I have been trying to work on these things most of my life.

    I believe as we get older, we realize how important it is.


  6. I completely agree with everything you’ve said, especially forgiveness. One of my favorite quotes is “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” – Buddha and that just as easily applies to a grudge. I love reading about your journey and I appreciate you sharing! 🙂 have an amazing day

    1. Thank you, Wenda I always like hearing from someone of the same thread as I. My favorite is “Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the person you are angry at to get sick”.

      thank you for stopping by and your positive words.

  7. A few very inspiring and positive tip on being a happier person indeed.
    Personally, the “needing constant control” is something I struggle with in many aspects of my life. Most notably in my work. I’m a manager but still, find myself doing the dirty work because I find it hard to trust in the abilities of other.

    Great article.

    1. yeah, I have been in the mgmt position and gave that up. Too much stress. Do much better now as a technician AND better pay.

      Thank you for stopping by and the positive words!!

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