If you have never heard of Andrea Schulman and are a student of the  law of attraction, then you are missing out.

I have been a member and still get awesome insights and trainings from her, that have helped me change my life.

So I though I would share one of her posts’  intelligence just to show you the value of her knowledge and experience.

Her website is raiseyourvibrationtoday.com and she shared her thoughts on some common sayings that have developed among humans which are total B.S. last month. Here are a few of my faves, with my thoughts added.

Life is Hardlife is hard

Just saying that conditions your mind to have it so. And thinking life is hard is going to make it look like that.  Ever thought of saying that opposite? “Life is easy”.  There, was that so hard?  Reframing my life to that mindset changed my experiences completely.

Even if you have a hard day or experience, that is a life learning event. You will learn something from ‘hard times’.  This will make your life easier in the future if only to know that you did experience something bad which will be compared to in the future. Plus you will be a stronger human.

You have got to work hard to succeedhard work

Like Andrea says, then why are so many humans out there busting their ass to no avail?!? It is not about working hard but getting your mindset and vibration right to attract what you desire. Sure, there will be some work involved. But maybe you need to find something to do that suits you better and seems less like work. That would make a huge difference.

The world doesn’t revolve around youworld revolves around you

Sounds kinda vain, I know. But the world absolutely does revolve around you because you are the center of it. Try an experiment and shift your thoughts and emotions for a week and see what the world does around you!!

Whatever can go wrong, will go wrongwhat can go wrong will go wrong

If you are not in alignment with the Universe, then things will go wrong…to get you back into alignment with it.  The Universe wants your success as bad as you do. But the Universe works in the spiritual realm and your spirit. The human ‘You’ could be holding you back.

Final Notesoptimize yourself

I have been a follower of the Law of Attraction and study other laws of the universe and have for a long time. I strongly recommend that all other humans should do the same as with this knowledge and compliance, their lives will change for the better. To know how the gears of the universe work is to work them in your favor.

I have already seen and continue to see changes every day.

So you may ask yourself how do I not only optimize myself but do it faster? I can suggest two things:

Go to my Training Page and get the two products listed there.  I used Neurowisdom101 and am continuing to use Holosync with awesome results. To retrain yourself in your thinking on the mental level and the physical level are what is necessary to be better.

I also suggest you start taking Asea.

You and your life are supposed to be thriving and reading from this site( along with all the free stuff I make you aware of)  and using the products I promote will help you do that. I even have a bunch of free e-books to read!!

If you have any questions, I would love to answer them and sharing this post will not only help more people realize their potential but strive to achieve it.

We all deserve it.