I have never been a huge karate or Bruce Lee fan but I do understand that the man was great in his knowledge, influence and power.

So when I ran across an article about some of the things he had said in the past, I went in with an open mind and learned what I could.

Here I have listed 5 of my favorites:goals reached optimize your life

 “Make at least one definitive move daily towards your goal”

Positive, forward motion is what I am all about. You have got to have done something  productive (meaning your goal-oriented) every day to be some type of success in your future.

Sure there are many other things that NEED to be done, but just make sure that you are always moving positively somehow every day.

It’s not just about doing that one thing, but the rewarding feeling that you have done something towards you goal in your own mind. This will make a difference.

Consider the alternative: going to bed that night thinking about NOT having done something productive.

I shudder to think…

“Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. Add what is uniquely yours.”

I preface this by saying you are not here to take care of anyone but yourself.  So don’t take anyone’s word for anything. Or just don’t do what everyone else does. Do what is right and comfortable for you.

There are countless ways of doing and things as there are people on this planet. Right or wrong is also absurdity. Learn what you can from others and take what you can and then add your own flare.

Be you.

absorb optimize your life

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself. Do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.”

Why would you possibly be anyone else if you believe in yourself. That is where you start. Believing and loving yourself. If you try to be socially accepted by mimicking what other people do and say, then they will know it and just think you are just another fake.

Be you. No-one else can be you BUT you. And being original is going to show  to the people that really count.

Maybe the people that really count are not directly around you. Maybe you have to take the effort to find them! That’s okay. You will still be a better person for it.

person sand optimize your life

“It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.”

Mr Lee I think meant when he said the above was that you should examine your life and figure out what you are good at and what is important you and concentrate on those things above all else. The rest let fall off of your sights to concentrate to what will make you you the fastest.

But along with that, I saw this: Decreasing the limiting beliefs that are in your life keeping you from your true self and purpose.  You gotta hack away at the crap, too. That comes from awareness.

The paradigms you have formed in your mind need to either be shifted or got rid of completely to live a truly rewarding life.

I do not care if you are 15 or 50, you have some got some beliefs that are hiding you back.

Can you right now look up(metaphorically) and see things you desire? What is keeping you from reaching those things? Those are your paradigms. Shift those to get what you desire.

opportunity optimize you life

“To hell with the circumstances; I create opportunities.”

All the things I have talked about there will help you create opportunities instead of just letting good things  happen to you.  And that would only be if you are in the mindset for that to happen.

But would it not be easier and more rewarding if you would go out and make things happen for yourself?  That is how this universe is designed to work. Make things work for you, not happen to you.

Well, I hope you liked these tidbits I brought you. I am sure Mr Lee has many more inspiring quotes, but these are the ones that struck a chord with me.

Let me know if there any that you like. Would love to hear them. Please also share if this was enlightening to you and you can also sign up for my newsletter if you would like.