I am been on a journey of self discovery for a long time. It seems like I am gaining some headway of sorts. Lack is something that I deal with.

It is said that what you experience in your life externally is what you are feeling internally.

Well, there have been a lot of strange parallels in my last few days as a human.

It may be the Holosync I am using. It may be the movie “The Case For Christ” I watched last weekend.

I strongly recommend that movie by the way…

It may be the sermon of Steven Furtick of ‘Why am I anxious?’ I experienced last Sunday. Here it is:

Again, I recommend. Steven Furtick of Elevation church is amazing.

All that and dealings at the home were eye opening to say the least.

It may have been the combination of all.  There is no such things as coincidences. It was probably all as they all tied together.

I mean the common factor here is that it is all happening in my life.

So let’s back up a little bit here, shall we?

My first lack feelings


First of all there was a time after I got out of the service when I lived in Myrtle Beach and I was living by myself that I was not making enough to pay all the bills and it was a very stressful part of my life.

I had had a roommate but he decided to move in with his girl or something so I was left to fend for myself and I was not really good at it at the time.

Woah is me, I know.

But I remember feeling pretty close to terror.

More like terror attacks.

All that is way behind me now and of course it all worked out. Which of course it would. I did not know that then. I just knew in that moment in time I was not making it.

But I did not realize everything is always changing. That was not in my consciousness as it is now.

Anyways, I can only surmise that this was a big part of my psyche now.

That feeling of lack and scarcity I felt still held me until here recently.

Until now.



To bore you with another event from just this past weekend, I learned and implemented reframing.

After a ‘discussion’ with my wife, I took a walk and while thinking of our discussion’s topic, I simply reframed the need at hand. The topic just was what it was. Nothing more.

Reframing is simply looking at a problem from a different light, a different angle and then transferring the emotions associated with said challenge and attaching new emotions or none.

Really it should be seeing the challenge as just it is what it is. No emotions or feelings at all.

Those feelings are the ones attached to the challenge by your subconscious, not by you. So you should see right through the feelings and examine as a doctor would a patient and said feelings will fall away.

This is what being aware is all about.

The strange part is that after the reframing of the topic, things became much more calm and pleasant at my house. This was even surprisingly noted by my wife.

So back to lack and scarcity…

Let’s explore where the lack is in our lives. Where did yours come from? Can you track down a specific event ? How can you get rid of or reframe a lack mindset?

That is if you have any lack mindset at all. I certainly wouldn’t wish the issue or mindset on anybody and why you are even reading this I do not know.

I thank you for reading this just the same.



There is your answer. Thankfulness. Gratitude.

Be aware of what you have around you and be thankful for it.

This could be tough for you as everything around you has been staring you right in the face the whole time. You may need someone to remind you of what you have to be thankful for.

But if you can be aware…

There are many people out there who are nicer to strangers in the street than your won wife and kids. Why is that?

You are taking your own home and life for granted.

The little things count. A lot.  There is some endearing quality about anyone or that person would not be in your life, right?

That is where lack comes from. Not being part of your life and enjoying it enough and appreciating what you have.

So what you do is…


The only time you should be in your head is when you are loving yourself and thanking yourself for what you brought into your life.

That is another big part of lack. Lack of love. For yourself.

Another reason you should be in your own head is that you are consciously creating your life.

You were doing that anyway, right? Or were you creating your life subconsciously?

You were manifesting the lack by not being part of your own life and focusing on the lack instead of abundance.

The Universe is going to bring about more of what you are thinking about so why not create abundance by thinking about it. And appreciating the abundance in your life already.

That brings more abundance.

So if you start creating your life consciously rather than sub- or unconsciously, your life will get a lot better, right?

A little hint: If you are creating your life consciously, you will be creating better things for yourself than your sub- or unconscious mind would. I guarantee it.

It takes training, but it can be done.

Once you create consciously and do things and think things you want, your sub- or unconsciously will take on those habits and start doing them, too.

Kinda like when you learned to ride a bike. First you had to learn to do it consciously and now you don’t even think about it.

There is something else


You know another good way to bring abundance into your life?


As a society we are all about taking. That brings us to the mindset that there is not enough to go around.

But there is.

That is what abundance is. Not just money, either. It is having whatever we need to survive.

So do yourself a favor and think about what you want  and not about what you don’t.

And appreciate.

Remind yourself about the abundance in your life already by taking a walk outside and admire the trees and the grass and the beach and the ocean(if you are that lucky).

Don’t think about your problems. Think about that  abundance. The abundance already around you.

These are reminders that abundance is already in your life in one form. And that means abundance can be yours in other forms as well.

It’s your life. You can do with it what you want.

Don’t just survive. Thrive.


In these times we are in, they are stressful. It is up to us to not get caught up in all the lack and not good enough crap we see everywhere.

We need to wake up, be aware of what we have in our lives and appreciate them. Be grateful and give and love. Ourselves and others.

That is how to send your lack packing…

We don’t have be like the rest of the fighting world. If we can all get this, then we can all love.

So we can love together.