Chaos and entropy is your friend

In the last post, I talked about stress and thresholds. I could call-YOU could call- that a micro interpretation of how we work. Now I hope to relay to you the MACRO version of the story. More history and outlook into what makes humans a human from the physical sense.

So to start, is change. The first […]

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One way to raise vibrational frequency

First of all, if you did not know already we are all energy. Everything is energy. And this energy vibrates. We vibrate. The better we feel about ourselves and our lives, the higher vibrational frequency we vibrate at.

Have you ever noticed how when things are going well, more things go well? Plus of course, just […]

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How to fight addiction

I was asked to address addiction in a post by one of my illustrious readers and thought that it would be an interesting topic in my context, so here goes…

I am not here to diagnose anything, obviously. If anything, this is a learning experience for all of us. On how to fight addiction.

First of all […]

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How raising your consciousness is your salvation

I have ‘touched’ on spirituality in several different ways in the last posts, but let’s take a look from another angle: yours. Specifically your consciousness.

To raise your consciousness is your release from the troubles and challenges you have around you.

If you are like me, you want to be proactive and find out how we (as in the […]

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Law of synchronicity and your life

I posted on Laws of the Universe two posts back and did not even realize that I left off one of the most important and personally recognized laws of all!! The law of synchronicity.

Or did I inadvertently leave it off by accident for reasons I will never know? Maybe I was supposed to expand […]

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4 words to avoid using…

It occurred to me this morning that there are four words that may be the cause of a lot of false beliefs in our minds. These words start bad things to develop in our lives and should be avoided if you want to keep a healthy outlook and well being in life. These words? […]

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What are the Universal laws?

So it occurred to me that there had to be laws to the Universe about how things work. I found a bunch of them. Lists of 7, 11 and more. So I found and complied and these are my favorites or at least what covers in my humble opinionwhat they should be. Subject to discussion and […]

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Spirituality and me

So after my last post with Wayne Dyer as the posthumous keynote, I felt that spirituality is something I can get into now, as Dr. Dyer was such a spiritual man.  Plus I believe spirituality is a big part of how we can optimize ourselves. And not just for ourselves but for the ones around […]

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