How your fear and doubt are killing your life

Two posts ago, I was talking about what I liked to do while driving which is to listen to audio tapes or some media type of motivational and/or educational audios.  Because I did this, I had a phenomenal few days because I was just on top of the world with the fresh knowledge that was in […]

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What The Bleep Do We Know: movie review

If you have not seen the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?” and are at all interested in quantum physics and its role with your consciousness, I strongly recommend.

The movie was made in 2004 and then redone in 2006. It contains a documentary style that goes along with computer graphics and a story line […]

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How to lower your anxiety with a song!!

When it comes to self help and self growth, getting rid of any anxiety you may have is a good start.

The fact is that 1.5% of the U.S. population (or 3.3M humans) are affected by anxiety.  I found this statistic on the AADA website and when you click this link you will also find many other […]

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The detached Universe

So in this series if you will, I have touched on a lot of different subjects. All tied together in their own way, but still separate. How the Universe in relation to us, how we work in relation to it.

Here are a list of all eight of them so far-linked to a separate window for […]

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How to really flourish

I have been typing here for the last 6 posts on how you work in relation to the rest of the Universe.

You. Meaning your role in how the Universe works and how you can benefit from it and what the Universe benefits from you.

From open and closed systems to chaos and entropy and dissipative goings […]

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Your map and your responsibility

So in my last post, I asked you to think about your map.  How your map serves you and how you serve yourself. Well, no I told you to.  Call it tough love.  This blog and all its posts are all about self improvement and self growth in one way or another. If you want […]

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More chaos and a controller

So I finished up yesterday saying that the way to go is meditation. Holosync being the ultimate way to get that limited threshold up as high as possible.  I am going to take that one step further and mention a few posts back wherein the subject was acceptance.

I keep on doing that, don’t I? Backing […]

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Flourishing in chaos and entropy

So in my last post (just yesterday!!), I typed about what the Universe does as a whole with chaos, entropy and dissipative structures. I think I covered a lot of background about where we come and how we got here: change.

So in this change, this ever-fluctuating environment around us we do flourish. But, with the […]

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