New ways to find you:with clarity

So, as you learned in my last post, I have found a new source of wisdom and clarity. It’s with Life of Learning Foundation run by Guy Finley.

I gotta be honest, I am still ‘feeling’ the effects of the letter and the audio mp3 track attached to it that I described in my last post.

Here […]

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Do you truly enjoy your life? Maybe this is why.

I am subscribed to a few different email groups where I get food for thought on improving my life and helping you all to improve yours. It works well along with the books I read because the emails are a bit more concise and to the point. Enjoy this message as well.

So yesterday I get […]

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How it is in the middle

So I have been going to church. I wanted to know about the Elevation Experience I have been hearing so much about.  Elevation church is pretty big in my area and he is also on Sunday television, I believe. This time the service was about being in the middle.

I have never been a big church-goer. I have […]

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Your mission is what you should do

I type a lot here about what we do and what I think we are supposed to be doing. Our mission. Maybe too much in a specific sense and I would like to broaden things out a bit for a second. I think this is broad enough for all humans.

We are here in a society that […]

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How You are More than Meets The Eye

I want you to realize something.  There is more to you than what you see in the mirror every day. Much more. And that more is what you are.  And no matter how beautiful you think you are in the mirror(at least I am hoping you do), your ‘more’ is absolutely stunning in comparison.

You are […]

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How to make your miracle

What is a miracle to you?  One definition of miracle is an exceptional product or achievement, or an outstanding example of something.  

Miracles happen every day in my opinion. We are all miracles. The fact that out of millions of sperm the one that came to fertilize the egg and made you makes you a […]

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This is how you use gratitude

I just wanted to pause for second and give thanks for some of the companies I have been dealing with lately and how they have helped me grow and hopefully I have helped them grow also. Gratitude is huge when it comes to being spiritually ascending, so I wanted to physically put out thanks to […]

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How to be creative and create

You know I gotta tell you that the title of this post is kind of misleading. You see, you already know how to be creative. You do it everyday. You do it every second of every day.  Everything around you has been created by you.

The thing is that you need to be asking for what you want. […]

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