Are you bona fide?

I was watching a movie over at a relatives house last weekend called ‘O Brother Where Art Thou?’ and at one point in the movie, the question was asked of one of the main characters “Are you bona fide?”

The movie itself is from 2000 and is about three convicts who are looking for a lost […]

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Things to know about LOA(Law of Attraction)

If you have never heard of Andrea Schulman and are a student of the  law of attraction, then you are missing out.

I have been a member and still get awesome insights and trainings from her, that have helped me change my life.

So I though I would share one of her posts’  intelligence just to show […]

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What karma really is(and how it could help or hurt you)

I love learning.  I love learning about things that will make me a better human. I also love learning about the correct definition of something when we have been mistaken about said thing for so long. Karma is one of those words

Our lives have been conditioned by many beliefs that are incorrect for so long […]

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What is your energy type?

I was introduced to Donna Eden through Mindvalley this week. She is an energy healer its over 40 years experience in helping people.

Although I have never heard of her before, she has quite the resume.

She has her own youtube channel chock full of energy routines for relieving pain and feeling younger. Here is one of her […]

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Your Higher Self Wants You To Know

This post will be about your higher self which goes along with the last two posts before this where I have touched on two things when it comes to our brains/minds, lives and our Universe:

the mechanical
the intangible

To recap a bit, the mechanical was our physical brain and how to make it operate more […]

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Chakras and you: What and how

As I have been doing my reading in all things self growth, self improvement so on and so forth, I run in to these 7 anomalies of our body from time to time. Chakras.

We all have them and they are the energy hubs of your body.  As I read and heard of them, I learned […]

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Optimizing bonuses and offers just for you

I have been spending a lot of time getting together for you all lots of different optimizing e books, audios courses and such from reputable names in my niche and this post will be devoted to reintroducing them to you.

Some of them are free and some of them are at very nominal pricing considering what […]

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7 happiness making beliefs in buddhism

A busy week for me, but I wanted to share a list of buddhist beliefs with you that could just put a smile of happiness on your face…and keep it there.

Buddhism has been around for working of 2600 years.  I am thinking-and I am thinking that you will agree-that they have a pretty good idea […]

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