A new essential habit

My last post ended with the concept of witnessing. So this post will cover that concept more in depth as far as what it is, how to do it and  the power you will gain from doing it. When it comes to self growth and self improvement, this is a very important aspect of awareness and […]

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How to really flourish

I have been typing here for the last 6 posts on how you work in relation to the rest of the Universe.

You. Meaning your role in how the Universe works and how you can benefit from it and what the Universe benefits from you.

From open and closed systems to chaos and entropy and dissipative goings […]

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More chaos and a controller

So I finished up yesterday saying that the way to go is meditation. Holosync being the ultimate way to get that limited threshold up as high as possible.  I am going to take that one step further and mention a few posts back wherein the subject was acceptance.

I keep on doing that, don’t I? Backing […]

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Flourishing in chaos and entropy

So in my last post (just yesterday!!), I typed about what the Universe does as a whole with chaos, entropy and dissipative structures. I think I covered a lot of background about where we come and how we got here: change.

So in this change, this ever-fluctuating environment around us we do flourish. But, with the […]

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Chaos and entropy is your friend

In the last post, I talked about stress and thresholds. I could call-YOU could call- that a micro interpretation of how we work. Now I hope to relay to you the MACRO version of the story. More history and outlook into what makes humans a human from the physical sense.

So to start, is change. The first […]

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What is your threshold? And how to raise it…

We all know it is the cause of not just discomfort but pain and possibly disease. Stress can be defined as simply a reaction to a stimulus that disturbs our physical or mental equilibrium.  It is an omnipresent part of life.  Something stressful can trigger one’s fight-or-flight response causing adrenaline or cortisol to course through […]

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New help for the new year

First of all, congratulations!! You have started once again another new way logistically to start your life.

It’s funny that it seems like to me that people either start life over one day at a time or one year at time. In reality, you can start over one second at a time. Think about that!! Isn’t […]

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Does meditation reduce Stress? That and more!!

The benefits of meditation, how do I count the ways? There are too many to count actually. But I can list a bunch of them. These are also all science based.

Starting now:

Increases happiness and health. Positive emotions, life satisfaction, immune function all increased with a consistent meditation practice. Pain and inflammation decreases. Did you […]

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