So to get a bit off topic of my usual subjects, I thought I would share a list of things I found on Learning Mind, with my spin on them. This topic is strange brain aids.

Not just any things. Brain hack type things.

I am always looking for any little hacks to get us to our happy places any easier.

Things other than the ones that may be no-brainers, so to speak.

You know what I am talking about: the meditation, the reading, the exercise and such.

Sometimes it is just the little things, right?

I am sure when you read these you will be, ‘well of course, I never thought of it like that!’ But we all need a reminder from time to time.

So here is your list of strange goodies for your brain…

Naturetrees in nature

Just gazing at some trees when you are mentally fatigued has been shown to reduce stress on the head. So go outside and look at some trees!!!


tetris gameRemember this game?  I thought it was a waste of time and I deleted it from my computer and life!! How wrong I was. I will add this to my brain changing regimen…

Studies have shown it can help your cognition. Good thing, right?

Another study has shown it can reduce addictive behaviors. Talk about strange. I was addicted to Tetris for a while there…

Dressing Updressing up

There is nothing like wearing an awesome suit (for a guy). Studies show that putting on a great suit makes you more intellectual. Positive effects of the brain, it says. Incredible!! Another study shows that wearing a white jacket makes you more attentive…

As far as the ladies go, dressing up works the same for them. Kids can even benefit by dressing nice as it helps with their memories, vocabulary, learning and problem solving skills.

Drinking good ole H2Owater H2O

Okay, so maybe this one is not quite so odd. But still it is a good reminder to know that drinking water will help your focus and creativity. It helps deliver nutrients to the brain and purges toxins out.

Frolicking cats

frolicking cat

I know, I know. But there is research that says that watching feline flicks can make you more energetic and  get you in a better mood. Try it and see!! It does wonders for kids!!

Cute candidscute puppy in bowl

You can just look at pictures of any precious animals, studies say to make you more careful and focused. Studies show that this will more likely be with younger animals.

Ice Cream!!eating ice cream

Well, duh!  But no, really.  Believe it or  not, studies show that if you eat ice cream for breakfast, you can have a calmer and more focused day. Also better mental processes.


Spending time with friends helps to release stress and increases happy feelings so it can help relieve depression, too.

Lovepeople in love

Being in love can light up the pleasure centers in your brain!! Your dopamine, norepinephrine and adrenaline levels rise big time when a human falls in love!!


I hope you enjoyed my little list of happy hacks if you will to help you raise your happiness, if not but a little bit.

Got any to share? Comment below. And share this!!