If there is one thing that is the most important to know about yourself is that you are different than anyone else.

What does this mean? You can’t compare yourself with anyone else.

You are supposed to be looking inward for answers on your own existence and you own purpose, anyways.

So what if there are a bunch of people who have more than you. Can you get what they have like they have? Then why worry about it. You just have to accept it as so and move on.

But you know what? There are people who don’t have what you have. I will take it one step further than that. There are people who admire you for who you are and your life. Ever thought about that?

So ponder these points below for a minute and tell me how liberated you feel afterwards…

Are you being you?
Realize what you have to offer. Realize what your strengths are and bring them to the table. Maybe you are trying to imitate others. Why? Because there is a void inside of you because you don’t know what you can do for others and the world so you fill that void with others people’s strengths. Fill that void with your strengths.

beach-1737038_640Be yourself in relationships.
Any relationship. Are you just playing a part that you think that other person needs? How does that serve you? And in the long term, how will that serve both of you? Be your true self in any relationship and that relationship will either flourish greatly or dissipate to nothingness. Either way, you are the winner because you were yourself.

Insecurity is absolutely pointless.
OK, so you love two authors or singers. You love them both for what they mean to you. There are different. You don’t choose one over the other. They are their own and you respect that from both of them. You want the variety. Both are equally meaningful to you in their own way. So why would you want to be like someone else? Why would you be unworthy just because someone else is worthy?

insecurity-1767736_640We are different but the same
Guess what? These insecurity thoughts and comparing thoughts you have? These fears? We all have some to some degree. And guess what else? They are hiding them like you are trying to. Yes, we are all the same in that respect that no-one is perfect and we are all suffering in some way about our life and/or relationships. Knowing this fact brings it all home. Your life is just as perfect as anyone else’s and no-one’s is perfect. So relax. It’s all good.aster-188047_640

So this post was a bit more in-your-face than others I have published. I started it off that way and just went with it. We all need a bit of tough love from time to time, right? If it applies to you, I hope I helped. If you just needed a little reminder push, then that’s good, too.

Let me know if this “Dr. Phil” approach worked and I can do it again…it was kinda fun.