girl-1705935_640So after my last post with Wayne Dyer as the posthumous keynote, I felt that spirituality is something I can get into now, as Dr. Dyer was such a spiritual man.  Plus I believe spirituality is a big part of how we can optimize ourselves. And not just for ourselves but for the ones around us who experience us in their world.

The definition of spiritual is of, or relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. Pretty general, I suppose. The definition of spirituality, in my opinion, is a sense of you being a part of something much bigger than yourself. Not only that but the journey of finding what you are relating to that bigger entity.  In other words, what is your purpose?

art-1703880_640First of all, as far as my spiritual stance, I am not a Christian in that I don’t believe that Jesus died for me on the cross. I have watched the movies God’s Not Dead and GND2 and although they have their points, this concept of being a sinner does not ring true with me. I am not one who gets into religious or politics conversations, nor am I that learned about them. I just sit and listen if exposed.

So this is what I do believe. I am spiritual. I believe that we are a part of something much larger than ourselves and EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is a part of that. You can call that thing (Everything) God or Source or whatever. I guess I call it God. God is a name and a thing.

angel-1578033_640You could say I am a Pantheist, but I am not getting the same definition in places where I look so I am not sure.

I do know that I am curious. I am curious about the connection between the spiritual realm where this God, your God, exists and our physical world/brain. How do they interact and relate? Where do the Universal Laws of the Universe come in play? Also, there is the Double-Slit experiment in Quantum Mechanics that I think also seems to dabble into our realities. How?  Damn good question….one of which I plan to explore once I can properly explain it so it coincides with this blog. If I can’t, then it goes to my other blog,

I firmly believe that knowing things like I mentioned in the last paragraph would help you be the best person you could be. Like knowing how to play basketball well would make you a legendary Michael Jordan. Or being the best at Cosmology and astrology would make you a Carl Sagan. Or being a renowned neuroscience teacher and scientist researcher would make you a Dr Mark Waldman.

theravada-monk-1750856_640Speaking of Dr Mark Waldman, what I was saying of my curiousities seems to be what Waldman writes about in How God Changes Your Brain. This is one of his many books. You can gain access to his Neurowisdom 101 course here of which I strongly recommend. Anyways, he states in the first pages of this particular book “Spiritual practices, even when stripped of religious beliefs, enhance the neural functioning of the brain in ways that improve physical and emotional health.”

So it seems like I may be on to something here.

Stay tuned…