ascension-1568162_640Spiritual inspiration was given by me in my last post that I hope has given you an idea of what you could do to get a bit more optimization in your life. Well, it works for me, anyways. I am not saying that it would work for you, but it is about you and what you put into it. Here are 9 ways that you could get happier in your life.

  1. Grudges Kill!!-holding onto anger doesn’t do anything but poison your brain…literally. It is called ruminating in scientific terms and is very bad for brain function. So just LET IT GO!!
  2. Watch your anger-Life is short. You need to be aware of your emotions and what they do to you. And anger is the worst.
  3. Watch your words-Words have so much power over people. They can hurt others and they can hurt you. They are a reflection of your inner state, mind and spirit.
  4. Treat everyone equally-Why can we all just be friends? We are all humans and we should all treat everyone the same.
  5. Non-judgment-I personally remind myself that everyone is different and we should not judge anyone because they only life we know intimately is our own. How can we look at someone and tell yourself how they are? We have no idea.thumbs-up-1172213_640
  6. Generosity-Giving unconditionally is an awesome thing to do and you should expect nothing in return. It’s that simple.
  7. Truth-I put it this way. Tell the truth because it is the easiest to remember. But why cloud your life with untruths? In this day and age, there is so much-just crap-out there. Just be true to yourself and not compare yourself to others and truth will stay apparent to you.
  8. Kindness-I personally believe in kindness and practice it with all. Especially with ones who may not be kind to you.
  9. Compassion-OneĀ of the most important to me but a combination of a few of the terms I just mentioned. Understanding, empathy, acceptance for all will get us all a long way.

All things listed above in one way or another are good or bad for you as a person. I am thinking that any of my illustrious readers can tell the difference which is which.

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