woman-1209866_640There are some very obvious steps to get healthy-eat well, exercise, get more sleep, use Asea. But there are a few not so obvious ways to do this as well you may not be aware of. Once you read these ways, you may be like ‘oh well I knew that’ but you just don’t practice said way or ‘oh wow, I did not know that but it makes sense!’. Either way, let’s go over them and see what you think…

engagement-1718244_640The essentiality of relationships(not necessarily humans though)
I didn’t make this up either. It has been said through studies that having few social ties is the equivalent mortality risk to smoking 15 cigarettes a day!! That may be a bit embellished to me, but the point has been made. Having friends makes you healthier and makes you live longer.

I just have to wonder what happens to your health if you smoke 15 cigarettes a day with your friends…

But anyways…so maybe you are not huge about having humans around. Animals can be just as good or better than pesky humans. It is all about friends you can rely on.

Get your stuff straight

One word? Conscientiousness. You wanting to be neat, organized, efficient and systematic. This makes you both productive AND at less risk of a heart attack. This is been proven by many studies. I just don’t make this stuff up. Having a feeling of having control over your life is a big deal.

Don’t be an a**hole
You may think that man-921004_640being loved is more important than giving it, but that is not true. It’s like that December holiday. Umm…Christmas, they call it. It’s the spirit of giving that matters. Be kind to people-all people. Be giving, be gracious, be compassionate. You will feel great for it and give you a greater sense of well being and darnit, it’s just good karma.

workplace-1245776_640 Where you work needs to be desirable
You have to like where you work and like what you do, plain and simple. Or even better, love it. You must be valued and treated fairly. As much time as you spend at said job, it has to be where you want to be. If not? Well, then you are dying a slow death, don’t you think?

Forgiveness is an important and life saving trait
Hate or anger towards a person is like a poison in you that will never affect the other. People will not always do what you want them to do or worse, but harboring anger is just making you worse-and sick. Do yourself a favor and forgive them for whatever they have done.

And while we are on the subject, you have to forgive yourself. Screwing up is OK from time to time. But you can’t beat yourself up for it. Forgiving yourself can help reduce procrastination, increase creativity and improve self control. All very good traits. So be nice to yourself.

time-1528627_640Stress-not always a bad thing.
You may think that having or experiencing stress is always bad. But where would you be if you had none? Stress makes you deal with things that makes you grow as a human being. I am obviously talking about stress that can be managed and everyone’s management level is different so you have to figure out what you can handle yourself. But, again, where would you be if you never had any stress to deal with?

So I hope that this was somewhat enlightening for you. As always, I appreciate any comments you decide to give. I am thankful for all of them.