I was first going to call this post  “how to meditate correctly”, but I decided that this is not a good way to start a post. I am no expert in meditation by any means. Plus I feel like meditation is a custom job for everyone going by a set of pointers that can be followed or not, depending on you.

At any rate, I wanted to give you tips that I go by and may help you as well. So here goes:

  1. Sit comfortably. You do not have to be in a lotus pretzel to meditate. Just comfortable. I personally do have my legs crossed but I sit on a bench with a few pillows.
  2. Sit up straight. I understand that spiritually you are supposed to be sitting up straight because of your chakras that need to be in line. I am not sure that this is true or not but it makes sense so I just do it.
  3. Stretch. I didn’t start doing this till here lately, but stretching has helped me. Just a simple stretch to the sides as in yoga to open up your chest and then bending at the waist.
  4. A timer or music. If I am at the house, I usually have some meditation track I use. I have many that I use depending on my mood at the time and you can see some of my collection here. I also have a timer on my phone called Meditation Helper which is awesome. You need to have some type of timer or preset music so you do not have to worry about checking to see how long you have been meditating. It kinda defeats the purpose of meditating, I would think. There is also a plethora of different binaurals and subliminals out there for improving all parts of your life.
  5. Breathe.Breathing is the number one thing for me if I am just using a timer as I just listen to myself. To focus on the rising and falling of your chest is also going to help you focus your mind. I just use my breath as an anchor.
  6. Thought acknowledgment but no dwelling. As I practiced,I got better at just shutting my mind off. But then I realized, just shutting your mind down was painful. Now I am more relaxed at just letting thoughts float through-like a cloud floating by. Just observe. But don’t let the thoughts get hold of you.
  7. There is no hurry. You are not out to impress anyone. It’s not a contest. You can’t out-meditate anyone. I started off with just a few minutes each day and increased by a few minutes once a week. that’s all you have to do.
  8. Any moment is the right opportunity. You can meditate for just a minute, if you want. There is no minimum time.  Or you can just be in the moment and watch what is going on around you.

So I hope this list has been a help. If anyone has any suggestions or additions, you can let me know. I am always open to more optimization.