I think that we all can agree that memory is pretty darn important. Short and long term. But what is really frustrating is the short term memory issues.

People’s names you just met, forgetting what you walked into a room to do, and where you put your darn phone this time!! All symptoms of a failing short term memory.

So, first of all, what could have lead to short term memory loss(STML) to begin with? Well, it all stems from bad personal habits…but I guess that is pretty much everything, right? Well, these affect the STML…

Remember I just notated that STML stands for short term memory loss…in case you forgot already…worrying

  • Worrying

    This bad habit is negative for you in many ways and I agree it is pretty hard not to worry, but the fact is that worrying is stress and that  increases the amount of cortisol in your brain and  that negatively affects your memory.

  • Vitamin and Mineral deficiency

    A healthy diet with plenty of vegetables on your plate will ensure you feel less weary during the daylight hours. Speaking of daylight, sun is also a good idea as vitamin D is also good to prevent cognitive decline.  B6 is also good for helping get rid of STML.

  • Not Enough Sleep

    STML is caused by the body not having the chance to regenerate new cells which does not help your brain in any of its endeavors, including a good memory.  So, more sleep should be in your immediate future on a regular basis.

    loud music

  • Loud Music

    This was a new fact to me, but experts have discovered that listening to loud music is also detrimental to your memory and cause STML. As well as deafness, of course.

  • Lighting up

    Depriving the brain of oxygen by smoking is another big killer of your memory. Obviously having an effect of your heart and lung functions, as well.

    alcohol is bad for your brain

  • Drinking alcohol

    Sure, you take alcohol for its numbing effects, but it also has a long term effect on damaging your brain , too. which of course means your both your long ad short term memory, as well.

  • Lack of exercise!!

    Any high fat diet i.e. eating a lot of junk and fast food will cause premature brain aging which of course can lead to STML.

fix short term memory lossHere is how to fix short term memory loss

First of all, healthy meals is very important. Foods like curry, cauliflower, walnuts, broccoli, and crab are good things to work into your diet on a regular basis because of the antioxidants in them.

Exercise is great to stimulate the brain. It improves cognitive function and therefore your short term memory.


Sleep! Neurogenesis which is just a big word for brain cell growth which will mainly occur while you sleep will help with your memory, as well.

If you stop multitasking, you brain will be able to focus better on the task at hand which means you are more mindful. Exercise for the brain!!

You should do more to challenge your noodle up there in your skull. Crossword puzzles and sudoku are a few as well as Luminosity and all sorts of other brain challenging sites will help you, too.

brain gamesMy final words

So I hope you enjoyed my post and maybe get something out of it that may help you with an ongoing problem for a lot of people while they get older. Actually, all of this is just good clean living!!

Throw me a comment if you wish and let me know what your best brain tip is to keep you sharp and help me spread the word by sharing this!!!