I found this neat little phrase and knew that this was something that needed to be explored. Self efficacy is a strong positive way of life.

Self-efficacy is a person’s belief of his or her ability and capacity to accomplish a task or deal with the challenges in life.

So self-efficacy is not just a phrase, but a vessel.  A vessel that needs to be filled with positive affirming actions and self talk.

You could say that resilience is a strong factor in self efficacy.

And before you say it, I would like to add this self-efficacy is not self confidence. Self confidence is about your own belief of self worth and chances of succeeding.

It would be better to say that self confidence is self esteem and general self-efficacy combined.

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Self-Efficacy Role

You could say that most humans can figure out what goals they want to fulfill and things to attain or change.  The part that is hard is the actual achieving.  Not always so simple.

Humans with a strong sense of self-efficacy:

  • See taxing complications and jobs to be mastered
  • Develop a heavier commitment in their activities and interests.
  • Quick recovery from disappointments and setbacks.
  • Stronger attentiveness to participated activities.

On the other hand, humans weak of self-efficacy:

  • Don’t believe they can do anything hard as they wouldn’t want to fail since they can’t do them
  • Center themselves in the middle of their personal failures and negative outcomes
  • Have little confidence of their own personal abilities

Where do you fall in those two lists?

So Where Does Self Efficacy Come From?

As you may have guessed, it started in early childhood. But opportunities to strengthen or weaken this skill goes through your entire life.

Mastery in any experience in life will help you with self-efficacy. Are you good at making friends? Or maybe you are good at kicking people’s asses. Are you good at games like chess or singing or art?

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Also, where you see humans accomplish that have the same skills as you helps as well. As in, “If he can do that, then so can I!”

Obviously social persuasion is biggie, either way. Positive encouragement or negative discouragement. Sticking with the positive, self doubt can be dampened when good strong inspiration is given.

Mental and emotional responses and reactions can also be a factor. Stress levels, anxiety, even moods can wreak havoc on self efficacy. It is not the emotion, but your reaction to the emotion. Learning to improve mood and lower stress while dealing with an arduous task will help your self-efficacy to get better.

A What?

Self-efficacy is like a feedback loop.  If you get good at something, then you have the confidence to keep doing well at it. It’s really that simple.

You can also watch this video of a Dr with no legs to help further reinforce what I typed.

I hope that the learning of this concept helps you to optimize your life more fully or maybe just give you a little wake up call of how powerful self efficacy is.

I would love to hear any comments you have and please share this with anyone you feel could learn from this post.