We all ‘suffer’ from anger from time to time.  If you hold the anger in, it would become repressed anger.  It is healthy to release the anger before it turns into this.   Repressed anger can harm you in number of way which I will list below.


Also sometimes called ‘passive anger’, when you think about your anger but don’t do anything about it can be associated with depression.  find something to do that is relaxing or soothing to help the anger dissipate.

Immune system compromiseimmunesystem

It has been proven that if you are harboring ill emotions such as anger then you will be more sick more often.  Immunoglobin levels, which is your body’s first defense against illness, as it is your natural antibodies, will decrease even in healthy people when they experience bouts of anger. So, just think of how few immunoglobins you have if you have repressed anger or angry a lot…

Increased heart disease riskheartdisease

There was a study that found that people did a lot of anger repressing were twice as likely to get coronary heart disease. Which means that finding healthy ways to vent your anger or not get angry to begin with is good for your mind as well as your heart.

Increased stroke riskstroke

Feelings repressed constantly and then losing your cool means you are going to be much more likely to have a stroke. Three times more likely, in fact. Double that if you already have a brain aneurysm. Once again anger is bad for you mentally and physically.

Wrap up

The dangers listed above can happen to you if you are not living a happy healthy life. Being grateful, and most of all forgiving, of all that you are subjected to can help you to be a freer and more peaceful person.

Finding yourself a meditation practice and reading blogs such as this one will help you to cope with the world’s challenges and opportunities. You and everyone around you will thank you for it.


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