51y5gP4vMILIn this journey I am about to take you on, I will start with the book that started my journey into a wealth of brain optimization: Psycho Cybernetics.

This book can show you in a simple way how to:

  • how to get ┬árid of anxiety
  • how to get rid of depression
  • get rid of social anxiety
  • ways to be happy in life

To give some background on Maxwell Maltz, he was a cosmetic surgeon.He found that even after surgery, his patients often did not get recover fully by the services he performed. He then studied and learned how to help his patients by helping them to visualize that outcome they had expected from the surgery.

You see, it is not just the body that had gotten scarred by whatever physical deformity they had went to Maltz to recover from. they were mentally damaged as well.

Here is more on his research and what other people have used his learnings, including Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar.

Below is a link for his book that is still in print because of his magnificent work. I would very much appreciate if you follow this link when you intend to buy. But honestly, just helping people is what I am doing here so as long as you can be enlightened by this research, I would be ecstatic.